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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1282

Mike nodded and quickly followed suit.


He caught up with Felix.

Felix gave him a glance: "If you're here to apologize for accidentally leaking the secret, there's no need, I know it's a good thing in some way."

Otherwise, he would never know in his lifetime how deeply Molly was affected by him.

"When you go back later, don't blame Molly. She's about to take her entrance exam. If her mood is affected, it would be awful if she doesn't do well on the exam!" Mike said seriously.

Felix thought for a moment: "I won't tell anyone about this!"

"You won't?"

"Just as if I know nothing about it!" Felix continued.

Mike laughed: "Good! Good! I also think it's better not to say anything. That jerk Simon deserves to be punished. Molly did the right thing! There's no need to blame Molly for such a person!"

Felix didn't say anything, he just quickened his steps to go home.

When he arrived at the dormitory, Molly was waiting for him under the eaves.

She was lightly dressed.

Seeing this, Felix immediately ran over: "It's so cold, you should wear more clothes!"

"Dad, what does she want from you? Did I do something wrong?" Molly asked.

Felix shook his head: "We were just discussing your entrance exam."

"You're lying." Molly stared at him, somewhat helpless, "If I did something wrong, you can tell me directly. Only when I know what I did wrong can I correct it."

Felix felt sad.


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