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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1283

Two days later, the final exam results were out.

Cory did an awesome job, acing the first place in the grade as expected, with a total score close to perfect.

As for Ivy, well, she didn't exactly flunk, but compared to Cory, her performance was a bit lame.

When Ivy received her report card, her disappointment was evident. On that particular day, Wayne and Rosalynn visited the school. Wayne had generously donated an art center, which made the principal go out of their way to impress him. However, Wayne's true intention was to provide his daughter with a dedicated place to paint at school, so inside the art center, there was a studio specifically designed for Ivy.

After examining Ivy's report card, the principal diplomatically mentioned, "Ivy's grades could use a boost during the winter vacation." At that moment, Ivy suddenly perked up and exclaimed with joy, "Liam!" The three adults immediately followed her gaze and noticed Liam approaching. He greeted Mr. Silverman, Mrs. Silverman, and the principal.

Rosalynn gently inquired, "Liam, did you secure the first place once again?" Liam simply nodded in response.

The principal boasted, "Even though Liam is somewhat special, his grades are top-notch indeed. If he participated in the exchange program, his grades would definitely improve even more when he came back. It's a pity that he gave up that opportunity."

The principal was still dwelling on the exchange student thing.

Then, Liam's gaze fell on Ivy's report card, and his eyebrows furrowed slightly.

He always noticed Ivy attentively taking notes in class whenever he passed by her classroom. Why were her grades still so low?


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