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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1284

He was still willing to give the exchange student opportunity to someone else.

Rosalynn found out that apart from him, there was another girl in the school who was qualified for the overseas exchange as well, but there was only one spot.

The headmaster managed to persuade him with theory and his awards from competitions. So, the school gave the spot to him.

The girl, who came from an average family, had worked hard for a really long time to get this chance.

He gave up the opportunity, which then smoothly landed on the girl.

After a few more words with the headmaster, Rosalynn and Wayne, with Ivy, left.

On the way, Wayne looked at the report card and said to Rosalynn, "Babe, Ivy has good grades, right? Does the headmaster really need to be that harsh?"

Rosalynn was speechless.

"As long as she's happy, I can spoil her for a lifetime," Wayne said determinedly. "Are you really going to let Liam tutor Ivy?"

"That's what your daughter asked for. What can I do?" Rosalynn linked arms with Wayne, "Daddy, you're not jealous of Liam, are you?"

Wayne had noticed Ivy really liked Liam.

She called him with such sweetness.

"I think Liam's just a kid too, and he's not as smart as my son," Wayne said.

His gaze fell on Ivy, who was bouncing ahead.

She was a bit disappointed when she first got the report card, but now she was overjoyed because Liam was coming to tutor her...

Rosalynn chuckled, her shoulders shaking lightly.


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