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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1285

"If he's game, that'd be awesome. Can you ask him later?" Rosalynn replied softly.

Ivy nodded, "What about Molly? Uncle Calvin said Molly lives in the same building as Mike, but Uncle Calvin won't let me go play with her. He said she's busy prepping for school exams."

"Molly will be celebrating Christmas with us too. Once she's done with her exams, you can go and play with her."

Wayne furrowed his eyebrows slightly but remained silent.

Ivy, on the other hand, was ecstatic. Throughout the entire trip back home, she chattered incessantly, like a happy little bird.

Once they arrived home, she wasted no time and immediately started selecting a room for Liam.

She chose a guest room with abundant sunlight, offering a beautiful view of green mountains, a forest, and a man-made lake in the distance.

The view was truly breathtaking.

However, Ivy wasn’t pleased with the desk in the guest room, so she used her own savings to purchase a study desk and chair that matched hers.

In the midst of all this, everyone was celebrating Liam’s achievement of once again ranking at the top of his class.

The boss was absolutely delighted, appearing as if his own child had accomplished this feat. Some people who were unaware of the situation actually believed that Liam was the boss's own son. In reality...

"My two little troublemakers, barely getting by and not at the bottom of the class, dreaming of reaching the top?" Liam grabbed a stool and sat by the door, relishing a brief moment of tranquility.

He had obtained Ivy's test papers from the director, revealing that her foundation was quite weak. Given this, her current scores were actually quite impressive.

After reviewing the papers, Liam bid the boss goodbye and left.

Once home, he printed out all of Ivy's incorrect answers and meticulously wrote the solution and thought process on the back, even explaining the basic knowledge involved.

By the time he finished with all the subjects, the sky was starting to lighten.


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