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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1286

"Here's your test paper." Liam handed the papers to Ivy.

"Today's study material is these test papers," Liam continued, "Where shall we study?"

Ivy came to her senses and led Liam to the study.

She intended to make some small talk, but Liam promptly pulled out the collection of mistakes he prepared earlier and started explaining them seriously.

At first, Ivy found it a bit boring, but gradually, she was drawn into Liam's teaching.

Halfway through, her brother Cory came to take a peek. Seeing her studying so intently, he left and sent a message to Wayne: "Liam is doing a great job teaching, and Ivy is really buckling down."

Wayne was in a meeting and felt a bit down upon receiving this message.

He had a subordinate before, who suddenly burst into tears when his daughter was getting married.

At that time, Wayne thought it was a bit over-the-top.

But now that he was a father himself, he suddenly understood how that guy felt.

His little girl already had a boy she liked, and as a father, he couldn't help but feel a bit upset.

Over at Rosalynn's, her daughter had a lot of study material.

She had her work laptop with her. When her daughter was taking the test, she would be handling work in her office.

Near the end of the exam, she received a call from an unknown number.

She answered the call and asked, "Who's this?"

"Gabriella, it's Annie." Annie's voice came from the other end, "I'm getting discharged in a couple of days. When can we make good on that dinner plan?"

"Sure thing." After exchanging pleasantries, Annie naturally transitioned to work, "Christmas is in half a month. I was thinking we could gather the project team and take a trip to the project site before then. What do you think?"

Rosalynn responded, "That could work. But most of the workers on the project are about to go on holiday, maybe we should wait a bit?"


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