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True Fated Marriage novel Chapter 128

For some reason, Grace Smith's face blushed a little.

His words could make someone blush for no reason.

She quickly came to her senses and understood what he meant.

Grace pursed her lips and said, "Thank you for your advice. Now that Editor Lowe is our new editor-in-chief, she is very kind to her subordinates. She does have a dream for our company, and it's not easy. I don't want to play these tricks with her, and I don't want to scheme against her."

Heinz Jones' eyes flashed with meaning. He looked at Grace with a hint of appreciation in his eyes.

"I have no problem with those requirements, but Madam Lowe has been really working hard to achieve all she has now. I sincerely admire her from the bottom of my heart, so I don't want to play tricks on her."

Heinz rolled his eyes. "So, this Hermione Lowe, is a pure and successful woman to you?"

"At least for now, she's much better than all the people I've met," Grace said, "She's probably the best person I've ever met in my career."

Heinz frowned. "She's the best person you've ever met?"

Grace nodded seriously.

As a result, Heinz's face instantly darkened.

It turned out that he was not close to being the best in her heart.

He was very unhappy.

With his face darkening, Heinz continued to look at the items in his hand and said nothing more.

Grace took out her phone and sent a message to Hermione to inform her of the draft's status.

Heinz raised his head and looked at her. His tone was not as angry as before. He said in a low voice, "That's fine. Speaking of the advertisement deal, you can come to me after you think about it."

Grace was stunned and couldn't help but show a look of joy. "Are you serious?"

Only then did she realize that he was not teasing her.

He didn't make a sound but seemed a little tired. He frowned and rubbed his eyebrows with his slender fingers. It was as if he was having headache.

Grace saw him rubbing his eyebrows and couldn't help asking, "Do you have a headache?"

He did.

This woman made him very uncomfortable now, but he knew that haste would not make the best of things.

"I'm fine," Heinz handed her the manuscript and said, "You can go back now."

"But, you just mentioned the advertisement deal," Grace looked at him. If he was serious, they could talk about it now.

However, Heinz lost his excitement and said indifferently, "Let's talk about it later."

Grace didn't know what was going on with him. He suddenly lost his enthusiasm and didn't seem to want to talk about it anymore.

She pursed her lips, picked up the manuscript, and put it into her bag. Then she zipped it, put it on her back, and said to Heinz, "Mr. Jones, I'll leave now."

"Alright,” he replied.

"Thank you for cooperating with us for the interview," Grace said sincerely again. "Thanks again."

Heinz glanced at her, he seemed very indifferent to her presence.

Grace turned and left.

Until she took the lift downstairs, she didn't understand why Heinz suddenly darkened his face and became so unhappy.

Since she couldn't figure it out, she didn't want to think about it.

Early the next morning, the newspaper was sold out because of Heinz's interview. It was sold out before noon.

Hermione was very happy.

The office also received many calls. Many enthusiastic citizens called in to applaud the piece. They sincerely appreciated the new format of the newspaper, which was no longer posting gossipy tabloid news about celebrities.

Hermione was over the moon, and began to look for all kinds of successful people to continue the 'interview' theme for their next headlines.

And Grace was now busier.

In the blink of an eye, a week had passed.

She was busy interviewing another two successful people. Although they were not as famous as Heinz was, Heinz's interview did bring luck. It was helpful to Grace because she now gained access to other big time entrepreneurs.


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