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True Fated Marriage novel Chapter 129

Standing outside for about five minutes, Grace Smith saw a group of people exiting the building.

The leader of the group was wearing a tailored dark colour suit. His figure was excellent, and his whole body radiated a clear and restrained temperament, distant and indifferent.

Heinz Jones!

From a distance, one could see that even if he did not speak, he was extremely eye-catching.

Grace took a deep breath. Looking at him from a distance, she could feel his habitual frowning, it was the same as when she met him for the first time.

He didn't like it when people get too close to him.

However, in private, he was so talkative in front of her.

Every time they were together, they were so aroused by each other, bursting with raging hormones and desire for each other!

Now, he was surrounded by several people, they were probably his subordinates. They were all goodlooking men and women.

She stopped a distance away, watching him. Neither did she say hello, nor did she come over.

Heinz walked out with an indifferent expression. He did not say anything after listening to his subordinate's report.

He was waiting for the car.

Suddenly, someone that had a different magnetic field attracted his eyes. He turned slightly and looked at the figure in the distance.

He was familiar with the slender figure of a woman.

Today, Grace was wearing a pair of white shoes, tight pants, and a casual shirt.

Simple yet powerful.

Why was she here?

Lester also noticed Grace at this time. He immediately lowered his voice and reminded, "President, Miss Smith is over there."

At this time, a department manager was still reporting his work. "President, it is very necessary for us to give in this way."

"Enough," Heinz said in a deep voice.

Everyone was shocked and looked at him in surprise.

"At the meeting tomorrow morning, what I want to see is a comprehensive analysis of the data, not the general benefits. It's not precise," Heinz said.

"Yes, yes!" The department manager immediately nodded respectfully.

"I also know very well that business deals can involve grey areas and blurred lines. But if someone betrays our company's interests and receives bribes from another company, I will make sure you leave the company immediately," Heinz continued saying.

Heinz's words stunned everyone.

Soon, they realized what was being implied and immediately made their stand known.

"Yes, President. Don't worry. We will always prioritize the benefits of the company," One of the subordinates said.

"Leave now," Heinz said harshly.

"Yes!" They responded.

Now, the people around him had all left.

Heinz was still standing there, looking at Grace from a distance.

Grace didn't go forward either.

He didn't come over, so they kept looking at each other from a distance.

A guard drove the car to the building, got off the car, and passed the key to Lester.

Lester hesitated and said, "President, the car is here."

It seemed that Heinz didn't hear him.

Lester looked at Grace then Heinz, and then he asked, "President, do you want me to ask Miss Smith why she's here?"

Heinz smiled coldly and said, "There's no need to do that. If she's in trouble, she'll tell me. Forget it."

After that, he was ready to get in the car.


Suddenly, Grace's excited voice came from the distance.

Heinz froze for a second and then stopped.

He turned back and looked at Grace.

Grace ran over quickly. She didn't know what was going on either. When she saw that he was about to get in the car and didn't even say hello, she couldn't hold it in any longer and quickly ran over to stop him.

However, when she got closer, she suddenly had an unspeakable feeling in her heart.


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