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True Fated Marriage novel Chapter 131

Grace Smith was stunned. She stared at Heinz Jones's handsome face and felt suffocated at that moment. She laughed at herself, and her smile was painful to watch.

It turned out that she was just an irrelevant person who had nothing to do with him.

She was a little upset.

She smiled again and glanced at the girl. She closed the car door from outside then turned around and left.

Heinz Jones clenched his fists.

The girl got into the car and smiled at Heinz. "Lester, hurry up and drive. Let's go. Grandfather is waiting for us at home."

Lester did not manage to stop her from entering the car previously. He stole a glance at Heinz worriedly.

Heinz did not look at Lester, but said in a deep voice, "Let's go."

The car started.

Lester saw Grace and walked out of the building. There was still some tissue paper stuck under her feet.

The car slowly passed by Grace and drove out from the building.

The car sped up and disappeared in an instant.

Grace watched the car disappear and pursed her lips.

She seemed to have thought too highly of herself.

"That girl is probably some he has been set up with, isn't she?" She thought.

She remembered when she heard him answering the phone in the elevator last time, he was being arranged to go on a blind date by his Grandfather.

The girl, who was either born to wealth or nobility, was beautiful, elegant, confident and respectable. She was a perfect match for him.

What about Grace?

On the day she confirmed he was his son's biological father, she had been regarded as a person who had nothing to do with him. He had started over again without her.

Her eyes felt a little sore as she walked back.

Soon, she arrived home at Emerald Apartment.

Back upstairs, Grace opened the door. Little Gary stood at the door and looked at her. Seeing her strange look, Little Gary's small face wrinkled slightly. "Mommy, the test results are out right. Am I not the son of that suspected man?"

Grace was stunned. "Did you know it's a DNA test?"

"I know," Little Gary said in a low voice, "I knew it was, immediately."

Indeed, children are very smart and sensitive.

Grace looked at Little Gary tenderly. His small face resembled Heinz's so much.

She sighed, and could not blame her son. "Mommy, am I not?" Gary Smith raised his little face and looked at Grace. "Isn't that person my father?"

In the face of her son's urgent desire to know, she could not deny it.

Grace nodded. "He's your daddy."

Gary's eyes lit up and suddenly dimmed down. He asked, "Then why is mommy not happy at all?"

"Little Gary, I don't want to hide it from you." Grace whispered, "Mommy wants you to know who your father is, but we are not going to disturb him, okay?"

"Is he married?" Gary immediately asked.

Such a sharp insight.

Grace didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She could only kneel down and reach out to hug his little body. "He's in a relationship, and he is a very powerful person, but he is a good person."

Although they had not spent a lot of time together, but Grace knew he was not a bad guy or unkind.

A man who was not unkind, was Little Gary's father. This was much better than a bad guy to be his father.

"But, this good man is in love, and the person he's in love with is not you." Gary muttered in a low voice, "Mommy, is that why you are so sad?"

Little Gary could see that she was in a bad mood.


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