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True Fated Marriage novel Chapter 132

Hearing this, the old man got angry instantly. He looked at his grandson with his old yet sharp eyes.

He had been taking care of Heinz Jones on his own, since he was a child. Now, he had grown up to be a successful man and could handle any situations himself.

He had to admit that Heinz had expanded the business very successfully over the years.

But his attitude in looking down upon the elders was irritating.

The old man was so angry that his breathing became much heavier, and his chest heaved up and down.

He gritted his teeth and almost lost his temper, but he managed to hold it in at last.

After a pause, he opened his mouth and said, "Young man, you're such a grown up now that you don't even take your Grandfather seriously anymore."

Before Heinz could speak, Claris Hudson said, "Grandfather, don't be angry. Brother Heinz has always been this way. Besides, you've spoiled him. He talked to you this way because he treats you as a family."

"Claris, don't speak on behalf of him!" The old man was so angry that he didn't want to look at Heinz anymore.

Heinz still leaned back on the sofa in a lazy manner.

Claris looked at him and said, "Brother Heinz, don't talk to your grandfather like that. He is elderly!"

Heinz did not pay attention at Claris's words. His attitude was very obvious that he did not want to talk to her at all.

Seeing that he didn't say anything, the old man was even angrier.

"Look, Claris, look, isn't he too arrogant? I'm his Grandfather." The old master was mad again.

"Grandfather, please calm down." Claris smiled again and spoke for Heinz.

The old man became angrier as he spoke. He said in a low voice unhappily, "The matters of the Jones family? Yes. I can't interfere with the matters of the Jones family, but I can interfere in my grandson's marriage and I'm determined to do so."

"That's right. Of course, you have to take care of this." Claris smiled and said, "Grandfather, I support you, you need to take care of Brother Heinz's marriage so that those slutty women won't take advantage of him."

There was a flash of anger in Claris's eyes when she thought back of that woman who sat on Brother Heinz's lap in the afternoon.

"Who do you think you are?" Heinz glanced at Claris and said angrily, "I didn't ask you to speak at all and yet you still talk non-stop here. Are you addicted to making noise?"

Claris was shocked as she saw Heinz's gloomy face. His eyes were cold and quiet. The more he stayed this way, the more powerful his aura became. His voice was so cold that it made one's blood become cold too.

Claris pursed her lips and pouted. She felt wronged, but she was not angry. "Brother Heinz, I'm still a little girl. Don't be so fierce to me. You scared me. How will I learn if you're always scolding me."

Heinz said coldly again, "There's no use for you. Even if you do, you are still all brawn and no brains. You're nothing but a loser."

Claris was truly shocked by Heinz's words.

She knew that Heinz was a vicious man, but she was now so upset that she almost cried when she heard those words.

For the first time, her eyes turned red because of a scolding.

She didn't dare to cry in front of him, but her lips trembled and her big eyes flickered as she looked at Heinz with a face full of grievance.


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