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True Fated Marriage novel Chapter 134

The old master of the Carter Family sat on the sofa angrily and shouted at the butler, "He actually chose to accompany that child he adopted over his own grandfather."

"Old master." The butler was afraid that the old master would be angry, so he quickly came over and served him a cup of tea. "Calm down. Although the child is said to have been adopted, but he looks more and more like young master Heinz these days."

The old master was stunned and raised his eyebrows. He put the tea cup on the tea table and said, "He looks more and more like Heinz each day?"

"Yes, he does." The butler said, "I've seen him a few days ago, and I really think they somewhat resemble each other."

The old master rolled his eyes, and there was a glimmer in his old eyes. "Do you think this child could be Heinz's?"

"Old master, I was just about to say that." The butler quickly chimed in, "If that boy wasn't actually his child, how could the young master, an unmarried man, take in a child? The child is well protected. He hired two cooks, several teachers, a wet nurse, and a nanny for him. He has, literally, a team to care for his child! There are more teachers in the house than in the kindergarten."

"Hum." The old man curled his lip and said, "Well, that's because he's rich, isn't it?"

"Old master, you may say so, but you are also using the young master's money. Otherwise, the way you treat us and your resources would not be enough to hire us!" The butler risked being scolded and said righteously.

The old man's eyes widened and he let out a long sigh. "What did you say?"

The butler was shocked and hurriedly lowered his head. He said respectfully, "Nothing, old master. Nothing."

"Oh, why don't you dare to say it now?" The old man said unpleasantly, "You don't even dare to tell me the truth. You are really a coward."

The butler was very helpless. He was just telling the truth but the old master seemed unhappy about it.

If he kept on going, wouldn't that be too stupid of him?

The old man thought for a moment, smacked his lips and said, "It's meaningless to talk to anyone. You all are just cowards. It's better to have a good chat with my grandson. It's true that he makes me angry, but it's still more interesting than talking to you guys."

The butler thought to himself, "Your thoughts are always changing. How on earth do you want me to answer you?"

"You said that the child looks like Heinz. Maybe he is really Heinz's child. Otherwise, why would he raise the child as his own all these years?" The old man wondered.

"Yes." The butler nodded.

"Pick up the child this week and ask him to stay withme for two days. Maybe we are indeed, blood related." The old man said.

The butler was a little hesitant. Tm afraid that the young master will be unhappy about it. He's too protective over the child, as if he's a national treasure."

"Then snatch him over in secret," the old man said on a whim, "I must see the child."

The butler nodded and said, "Alright, I'll try."

He hoped that he would not be beaten to death by the young master.

Heinz drove alone on the street at dusk. He turned on the car stereo and listened to some music, but he was not interested in it at all.

Twenty minutes later, he returned home.

As soon as he entered, the butler saw Heinz's car and immediately came up to him. "Sir, you're back?"

Heinz nodded expressionlessly. "Where's the young master?"

"He's reading a book." The butler replied.

Heinz frowned and said, "Why is he reading again? Didn't I tell you that children should play more often? He shouldn't be reading all the time."

The butler said, "Young Master said that playing is a waste of his life. He wants to complete his studies in the minimal time possible."

Heinz frowned and said in a deep voice, "He does have good plans."

"The young master's IQ is high, and he is also very active. It's just that he's more picky in making friends. I heard that he has a friend now." The butler said.

"Really?" Heinz was surprised. "Didn't Ernest say that he doesn't like the kids at the kindergarten?"

"His new friend is quite different, and he is also a smart child." The butler reported, "His name is Gary Smith. I heard that he is a child from a single-parent family."

When Heinz heard the name, he was stunned. He frowned and asked, "Smith?"


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