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True Fated Marriage novel Chapter 133

"Then find yourself a woman and let me have a look at her." The old man shouted.

"Why should I show my woman to you?" Heinz asked.

The old man was really mad, and his eyes were as if spitting fire. "Bastard, are you going to fight with me?"

"Grandfather." Claris's eyes were red, and her voice was choked with sobs. "Don't be angry, it's all my fault. It seems that I shouldn't have come today."

"Claris, there's no need to apologize." The old man said bluntly, "It's Heinz who had gotten off the wrong side of the bed. It's not a good time for him. We're just unlucky."

"Brother Heinz." Claris sniffed, and tears came out of her eyes. "Don't treat your Grandfather this way. If you want to let off your anger, just spit it out at me."

Heinz glanced at Claris, and the girl lowered her head, with tears in her eyes.

Heinz frowned and stared at her. He said coldly, "Spit my anger at you? Do you think you are worthy of my anger?"

Claris was stunned and raised her head. She could only see Heinz's unhappy and cold face.

The old man was really anxious. He stood up and seemed to sway a little.

When Heinz saw the old man was unstable on his feet, his eyes tightened. He reached out his hand subconsciously, wanting to help him up.

But finally, the old man stood firm.

Heinz calmly withdrew his hand, walked over, picked up the walking stick next to him, and handed it to the old man.

"You're not that old yet, but your physical strength is ruined. It's time for you to exercise. Don't sit at home all day. It's a shame to say that you're once a soldier." Heinz said.

The old man saw him handing him the walking stick, and he was about to take it, but the words that Heinz said made the old man so angry that he refused to take it.

Heinz directly stuffed the stick in his hand. Then, he retreated to a safe place to prevent the old man from hitting him with the stick.

The old man pursed his lips and looked at Claris, who was crying. He couldn't help but say, "Look at you, you've made a girl cry. Do you think you have any manners?"

When Heinz saw Claris, he was furious. He was already in a bad mood today.

He was even more unhappy, "Grandfather, the person you introduced to me is too lousy. She doesn't have a good brain. I'm afraid that it will never be fully developed in the future. What a pity. Before she could even grow up, her brain has already shrunk like yours.

The old man was stunned by his words.

Claris's eyes were wide open as well, tears streaming down her cheeks.

She quickly came to her senses and immediately said to the old man, "Grandfather, I'm sorry, I'll go first."

With that said, Claris wiped her tears, and quickly rushed out.

"Claris." The old man shouted.

However, Claris left anyway. Even when the old man called her, she did not stop.

Heinz frowned and said unhappily, "A blind date with such a girl? Is she here to make a fool out of herself?"

"Butler," the old man shouted. "Go check on Claris and escort her home safely."

"Yes, Old Master. I'll go and take a look right away." The butler immediately chased after her.

The old man sat down with the walking stick beside him, he had calmed down.

He glanced at Heinz unpleasantly and said, "Heinz, tell me the truth, do you have your heart locked on someone else?"

Heinz frowned and said resolutely, "No, I don't."

"Then why do you have such an attitude. You are just like a stallion without a successful match. Do you have to be so angry?" The old man was also angry and his tone was not pleasant.

Heinz asked nonchalantly, "Why can't I be angry? Even a stallion would have gone mad if he's being criticized like so."

"A stallion has to be judged by others." The old man said in a low voice, "We have to bring out its good side, otherwise, how can we get a mare to breed with it, let alone give birth to a foal."


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