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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 105

Chapter 105


Easton wraps a towel around me before grabbing one for himself and we get out of the shower.

There's an ache between my legs, a soreness in my nipples, my ass still stinging from everything he had done to me while we were in there.

Everything he had made me feel.

Everything he had done to my body.

Sadie had spoken about sex before she started dating my brother.

She told me about the things I could expect, the physical part, anyway.

She described it in ways so I could somewhat anticipate what was going to happen the first time I was with Easton.

But she never told me about this—this feeling in my chest whenever I'm with him.

This tightness.

This fluttering that loops up to my throat, an endless pattern of puttering, pounding, and pure affection.

I can't get enough of him.

Or of his smile, which is spread across his lips right now, watching me in the mostly fogged up mirror above the sink, just enough of a clear sliver that I can see his eyes as he moves behind me.

He grabs another towel and wipes the drips off my back and shoulders and the ones that fall down over my elbows.

When he's done, he turns me toward him, and pulls me into his arms.

"I've never been so thankful for a storm, 'he says.

"Why? '

“Because this wouldn't have happened. '

I feel a blush move past my cheeks, stealing a quick glance at the shower.

It was a performance that even surprised me.

Knowing Easton appreciates my curves makes me more secure in my body.

His love of my body makes me want to try things, it makes me want to step outside that box that I originally felt so comfortable in.

"That was one of the best showers I've ever taken, '

I admit, even though I'm pretty sure there's still conditioner in my hair and I only washed half my body.

"No, not that. '

His hand finds my face, holding it so my chin is aimed up at him, his eyes scanning mine.

"Il mean, yeah that was definitely sexy as fuck, but that's not what I meant at all. '

He takes my hand and brings me over to the bed, sitting me in the spot where I've slept every night we've been here.

He goes over to the gas fireplace, switching it on, the flames immediately rising from the pretty crystal rocks beneath.

When he returns, he climbs onto the middle of the bed and while we're still in our towels, he covers us with a throw blanket and pulls me against his chest.

There's silence as Easton runs his hand through my wet hair, our breathing the only noise in the room.

I'm about to ask him what's on his mind, what this is, but he beats me to it and says, "I didn't expect this, Harper.

I guess that’s because I've never really done this, this relationship thing.

But it's come out of nowhere and I can't hold it in anymore. '

I lean up on my elbow, so I can look at his face, hoping his eyes can tell me what he's talking about since his words are a giant mystery.

"I've never felt this way before. '

His voice is so soft, honest, purer than he's ever spoken.

"I've never worried about anyone before—things that run through my head when we're not around each other, like if you're okay, if you need me.

I've never wanted to protect anyone as much as I want to protect you.

I've never had this urge to hurt someone, like what I want to do to Blake and Aisha for what they've put you through.

Harper ... '

His fingers are back on my face, holding me, loving me.

“These are all firsts for me and they're all because of you. '

I swallow, the tightness now in my throat.

I don't know where this emotion is coming from, but it's clear, it's present, it's taking over, and I can't stop it.


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