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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 107

Chapter 107

Harper I'm in shock.

I don’t move for a few minutes after my confession to Easton that their arrival is a nightmare.

He grips my hand in his.

I squeeze right back.

How are we supposed to deal with this? While I don't like Aisha, okay, I hate her, and I’m at a breaking point with Blake, I don’t wish death on them.

At least not yet.

“Yeah, it’s rough out there, '

Ryan finally says, getting up on his feet and grabbing a few blankets.

“We were just sitting down to play a few games, you guys hungry? '

Ryan looks like he’d rather shove his head into a toilet then offer them food, but bonus points for actually being nice.

I’m still trying to look away from the massive amount of cleavage Aisha is showing.

I can’t stop myself from rolling my eyes.

I want to toss a sweatshirt at her and then a blanket for good measure just so her girls don’t spill out and give the guys a show.

I know I'm being ridiculous, but at the same time, I'm so angry that they're back and ruining our time together once again, I want to scream.

“Starved. '

Blake plops himself down on the couch, his dark man bun in disarray as if Aisha has had her hands through it.

I frown.

He meets my gaze, his eyes lock on mine, like he has something to say, which automatically makes me squirm as he licks his lips and winks.

What? I quickly look away as Ryan brings over some chips and dip, along with a fifth of whiskey—wow, yeah, because all good choices follow shots of whiskey.

Maybe I should numb myself a bit, so I don’t commit homicide because as of right now, as Aisha adjusts her black top where I swear I almost see nipple, I think prison might be nice.

“S$00000. '

Blake rubs his hands together, then runs them through his long, jet black hair, pulling it back into his little bun again, looking effortlessly hot, which just annoys me even more because why the hell is he with Aisha? What a waste.

“What were you guys up to before we came back? '

“Relaxing, '

I say in an annoyed voice as I lean in closer to Easton and grab his hand.

He kisses me on the head almost as if to say hey, it’s fine, it’s just a storm, everything’s all right.

The sound of thunder has everyone in the house jumping a foot.

And, then, the lights flicker, giving me hope they’ re about to come back on, but my hope is wasted as the room stays deathly dark.

“I need to go check on the food, '

Easton says, kissing me on the cheek.

He gets up and Blake decides to join him along with Ryan.

So basically all the boys are playing hero while the girls are sitting in a small circle, staring at each other, waiting to draw blood.

It’s awkward as hell.

I just want Easton.

And more vacation.

More lake.

And no Aisha.

With her fake blonde hair and emerald green eyes, she's pretty, I'll at least give her that, but she uses her beauty as a weapon.

She's the sort of girl who you warn people about, one who will pretend to be your friend to your face while jamming a knife in your back while she says sorry.

I shudder.

“So. '

Sadie clears her throat.

“Bad roads, then? '

Aisha rolls her eyes.

“Duh, isn’t that what we said? '

Sadie’s hands clench into tiny fists.

“Were there some trees down or something? '

I intervene.

“Yeah. '

Aisha looks away, then jumps a foot when the thunder sounds again.

Her eyes flicker to mine, then to the door.

“Are the guys coming back? '

“They're fine, probably just working on the food, '

Sadie says in a bored voice, but I notice something different.

I notice Aisha.

Frowning, I watch closely as she grabs a nearby blanket and wraps it around herself.

Her body shivers as lightning flashes through the window and when the thunder hits again she squeezes her eyes shut.

One solitary tear slides down her cheek before she swipes it away with her perfectly manicured, pointy, purple nail.

“Are you scared of storms? '

I ask, curious but also trying to cut the tension a bit.

She shrugs.


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