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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 109

Chapter 109


“You boys ready to lose? '

Aisha asks.

I look at her, like really, really look at her.

She went from being emotional and an actual human a few minutes ago, sharing stories of her past, her brother, and why they were so close, why his death effected her so much, to this flirty little thing who looks ready to have a threesome with Blake and Easton.

She adjusts her top again, of course, exposing her boobs, then sits back against the couch and clasps her hands together.

“Boys against girls! '

That means I’m on her team.

Yay me.

How did that switch flip so fast? I share a look with her, she lifts her chin, her eyebrow arching, like game on, and I have zero choice but to reply back with a look of my own that I hope appears confident and sexy as fuck.

“Never, '

Blake laughs.

“Hey, where did Sadie and Ryan go? '

“They're having sex, '

Easton laughs.

“Lots and lots of sex, in fact, if you guys want to give up on the game, I’d be more than down to take this girl over here”—he grabs me—“and eat her out until my tongue falls off. '

Aisha’s cheeks turn pink.

Blake glares.

“Thanks for the overshare, but I think we should hang out a bit.

Isn't that what friends do? '

I want to punch him.

Easton's tongue falling off? Well, yeah, that sounds super nice, sign me up! Instead, I'm playing stupid cards with Blake and Aisha.

I don’t growl, but a sound I can't quite define escapes my parted lips as Aisha deals the cards out and starts the game.

“Actually, '

she laughs, “how about we do a game of slapjack instead? Super easy to understand, you just have to slap, and if you lose, well... '

She shrugs.

“An article of clothing gets to leave your body. '

“I don't think so, '

Easton mutters, his gaze meeting mine.

“Awesome idea, '

Blake encourages.

“Are you really okay with this? '

Easton asks me.

“Sure. '

I shrug, remembering I have a see through lace bra on, so once my shirt is gone, or pants, I have like zero choice left.

I'm wearing flip flops, sweats, a thong, and a sweatshirt.

Clearly, I did not plan for this.

I'll just have to win slapjack, which I can do.

I can totally do this.

A half hour goes by and I realize I really cannot do this.

I'm sitting in my thong.

My flip flops are gone.

Blake is shirtless, showing off an eight—pack.

It’s impressive and I want to stare, but I force myself to look away.

And Easton? He’s fully dressed, a pro at slapjack, to the point that it’s almost alarming.

And Aisha? Same.

The only thing she took off is one high heel.

That's it.



I officially hate this game.

We continue to play.

My eyes are moving faster than what should be humanely possible as I try to locate the stupid jack card, so I can slap it.

Aisha sees it first.

My hand hits hers.

Easton hits mine.

Blake is last.

All eyes fall to me.

Because unless I want to pull off my stupid thong, I have to pull off my hocdie.

“No. '

Easton tugs me against him.

“Hell no. '

I pull away slightly and look into his eyes.


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