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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 120

Chapter 120


I'm not surprised to find Harper at my locker when I get to school the next morning. I expected her to be standing there, looking pouty, just like she is, especially after not emailing her back last night. Truth is, I was fucking pissed. And I still am. “I'm not in the mood, '

I tell her. I twist the padlock to enter the combination and pull the door to my locker open once it’s unlocked. “But why? What happened? What did I do? I can’t handle my parents being angry at me and you, too, Easton— '

“That’s the whole thing, Harper. I can’t fucking figure out why you wouldn't tell your parents about us. Am I this disgusting little secret to you? '

She backs up, like I just spit in her face, “What? Is that really what you think? '

“Now I do. '

I grab two books, toss them into my backpack, and slam the locker shut. “I had you over to my house for dinner, you sat with my parents, and it was clear to them—to everyone— that you’re my girlfriend. Yet, I’m this big fucking secret to your family. How do you think that makes me feel? '

“I... '

Her eyes are filling with tears. “I didn’t even think of it that way. '

“Because you didn’t think and that’s a fucking problem. '

“— '

“Do you know how much I've changed for you? I’ ve settled down, I've committed, I've basically ruined a friendship with Blake all because of you. And what are you doing for me? Lying to your family about us being together? '

She shakes her head, the first drip falling from her eyes. “No. It’s not like that. You know it’s not like that. '

“I do? Tell me. '

“I love you, Easton. '

I sigh. It kills me that she’s crying. That her parents are upset with her, that I’m upset with her, that she’s feeling raw as hell. But, damn it, she’s wrong, and I don’t know how to make it any clearer to her. “What now? '

I ask her. “Your mother catches me eating your pussy and now I'm supposed to just go over to your house, like nothing happened? Like every time she looks at me, she’s not visualizing me on the floor, feasting on her daughter? '

“Oh God ... I don’t know, '

she says in almost a whisper. “They're not talking to me, so I don’t know what's going to happen. '

‘You need to make this right. '

“I will. '

She reaches for me. “I promise. '

I say nothing as she grips my waist, trying to pull me closer to her. “Please love me right now. I had the worst night, I’m falling apart from all this fighting. Everyone is mad at me, and my heart can't take it. '

“Because you fucked up. '

She wipes her eyes. “I know, Easton, and I’m going to fix it. They know now—about us, that we’ re having sex, that I’m on birth control so I won't get pregnant, there are no secrets anymore. '

“And your mother wants me to fucking die, and your dad probably wants to slit my throat. Thank God he didn't catch us. '

She winces at the description, and then shrugs. “Maybe? '


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