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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 128


Chapter 128


I'm at my locker right before first period when I'm practically tackled not just by my girlfriend, but her best friend too. And they're both talking a mile a minute. "You're never going to believe—"

“Spray painted on the mirror—"

"Julia was in there and she said Aisha's gone—"

“We got rid of it. I couldn't look at it any longer."

That last statement is from Harper, and she says it in such a sad way, my heart literally breaks for her.

From what I can tell, something awful was spray painted about Harper—again —this time on the mirror in the girls' bathroom. Anger rises and I clench my jaw so tight I'm afraid I might break it.

Why do they keep coming for my girl?

And who is it that keeps doing this?

The drama never fucking stops and I'm sick of it. Sick. Of. It. I grab hold of Harper's shoulders and gently shake her, needing her to pay attention to me. “Tell me what happened,”

I demand. She explains everything, starting from the beginning.

How they walked into the bathroom, spotted the rude message written on the mirrors, and how Julia was in there.

They confronted her but she denied having anything to do with it.

Of course. I'd deny everything too if I were her.

"She mentioned something about how all the girls are jealous of Harper because she's with you, but I call bullshit,’ Sadie says as she grabs her phone and goes into her photos.

She pulls up an image and shows it to me, nearly thrusting her phone into my face. “Here's what it said.”

I take her phone, staring at the photo. Harper loves to suck big dick! Is it wrong that I'm vaguely flattered it says big dick?

Because hey...it's true.

And it's also true that Harper enjoys sucking it. At least, I think she does— Sadie thwacks me on the arm.

So hard, I take a step away from her with a muttered, "Ow."

"What do you think is going on?"

Sadie asks, her voice rising. “Who the hell is doing this?”

“Aisha of course, I say without hesitation as I hand Sadie back her phone, then pull Harper in for a long hug.

She clings to me and I bury my face in her hair, breathing deep her unique scent.

She's over this, I can just feel it. I'm over it, too. I feel fucking awful that we can't shake this shit.

I wish I could protect her everywhere she goes, but I cant. I hate feeling helpless.

It's the fucking worst. The warning bell rings and Sadie dashes off in search of Ryan before they go to class.

I pull away slightly from Harper, reaching out to smooth the worry lines from her forehead. ‘I'll take care of this."



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