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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 145


We grab some food to—go at a local Mexican restaurant, and then head back to my house.

The minute we're in the kitchen, I’m pouring Harper a giant glass of water to prepare for her peeing on the stick after dinner.

She’s pulling all of the food containers out of the bag, setting them up on the kitchen counter where we’ re going to sit and eat.

“You bought a lot of food,” she says as she cracks open one container, revealing a pile of tortilla chips and a small container of salsa.

“I’m starving,” I admit as I grab a couple of chips and stuff them in my mouth.

“And I wanted to be prepared since you might be eating for two.” She rolls her eyes and socks me in the arm.

Her gaze goes to the cup of water I set in front of her.

“You expect me to drink all that?” “Probably enough for two tests.” “Yeah.” She swallows hard and pushes the container with her food inside away from her.

“I’m freaking out, Easton.

Our lives could change tonight.” “Or it could be no big deal,” I say with a shrug.

“No matter what, we'll figure it out.” “You really think we will? Because I’m scared,” she says, her voice barely above a whisper.

“Like—really scared.” I turn to her and pull her off the stool she’s sitting on.

Until she’s standing in between my spread legs and my arms are around her waist.

She wraps her arms loosely around my neck, our gazes never straying.

“I’m scared too.

But you need to know something before we take that damn test, okay?” “What is it?” “I'm in this with you.

For real.” I squeeze her even closer.

“I’m not going anywhere.

I love you, Harper.

And no matter what, we're going to get through this together.” Her eyes are shiny as she stares down at me and I hope to hell she doesn't start crying again.

Her tears do me in every single time.

“I love you too.

You say the best things.” “I mean every fucking word I say.” I grip her nape tighter and pull her down so our lips meet for a brief kiss.

“I’m starving.

Let's eat.” She laughs as she pulls away from me, settling on the barstool she just vacated.

“How can you eat right now? I’m too nervous.” “Oh, I'm nervous,” I admit, just before I take a giant bite of my burrito.

Fuck, it’s delicious.

“But a man’s still gotta eat.” Harper shakes her head and pops open the lid of her container, staring at the two tacos she ordered that are nestled inside.

A shiver steals over her and she slams the lid shut.

“I can’t.

I'll barf.” Not a good sign.

If she’s throwing up and tired all the time and horny...

My girl is probably pregnant.

As in, I knocked her up.

I'm responsible for making her that way.

Fuck, her parents are going to be so disappointed in me.

And I can't even think about my parents and how they'll react.

My dad will go on a rampage, telling me how I ruined my life all over a girl.

Well, she’s the most important person in my life, so if I'm going down and ruining my life, at least I'm doing it with the girl I love.

“Drink up,” I tell her, waving at the glass of water.

“Then, go take the test.” She chugs water while I consume my burrito, and I’m glad to see her munch on a few chips.

She's been looking thin lately.

And pale.

I just chalked it up to stress.

But maybe it was something else.

I’m about halfway through my monster burrito when she grabs one of the tests and heads for the guest bathroom that’s next to the kitchen.

“I’m going in.” “Want me to come with?” I ask, my mouth half full.

“After I pee,” she says.

“I'll call for you.” Within minutes, she’s calling my name and I head for the bathroom, my steps heavy the closer I get to her.


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