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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 150


 Mom and Dad think I'm still with Sadie, that we're sleeping off the New Year's Eve party and then going for pizza.

That's the story I told them, anyway.

But the truth is, after sleeping off our hangover, Ryan is leaving Easton's house, where he stayed the night, to come over to Sadie’s, and I'm going to Easton’s.

And Ryan and I are switching phones in case the parentals decide to check our locations.

I've thought about tasting Easton from the moment I woke up, all while Sadie was cooking us breakfast, the feeling growing even stronger as she drives me to Easton's.

And because the four of us had discussed this idea prior to the party, planning well in advance, I'd had time to buy Easton a little present.

It’s wrapped in a box that I carry inside his house, passing Ryan in the hallway on his way to the front door.

“If Mom calls, have Sadie answer or something,” I tell him, handing him my phone in exchange for his.

“She won't call, she'll text.

Her and Dad are probably as hungover as us.

But if she does text, do me a favor and try to sound like me.” I laugh.

“Oh, you mean, like give her a one—word response?” “Whatever, just don't get us caught.” He closes the door behind him, and I find Easton on the couch, a blanket over him, a buffet of fast-food wrappers on the coffee table.

“Is your head pounding as hard as mine?” I ask, setting the box on the table and crawling up next to him, snuggling under the blanket.

“Everything hurts.” He kisses the top of my head as I rest it on his chest.

“But so worth it.

That was a hell of a party.” I don’t want to admit this, but it was so much better than I expected.

In fact, I had a blast.

“What time did we get home?” I ask.

I remember the four of us jumping into an Uber and the boys having the driver drop us off first, but I was far too drunk to see the time.

“I think it was close to four.” “Woof.” “Yeah ...

tell me about it.” He rubs his hand over my back.

“Are you hungry? Ryan and I had all this food delivered and a whole other bag that I stuck in the fridge.” “Sadie made pancakes.

I’m stuffed.” “Pancakes sound pretty good.” “They were chocolate chip and she made hash browns to go with them, mmm.” “You might be making me hungry again.” I glance up, our eyes connecting.

“Hungry for what?” He chuckles.

“I love that you want my cock as much as I want your pussy.” I freeze and try to listen for movement upstairs.

“Your parents aren't here, are they?” “Nah.

We're all alone until tonight.” I wiggle away and lean up, grabbing the box from the table.

“Perfect, then you can open your gift.” I place it on his lap.

“You already got me a Christmas gift.” “This isn’t for Christmas ...” He eyes me, and then he slowly unwraps the paper from the box, tossing it onto the table before he lifts the top to peek inside.

“Do you want to explain this?” he asks, smiling.

“It's simple really ...” I play with the tassels on the end of the blanket.

“There’s something else I wanted to give you aside from my virginity.” He lifts the present out of the box, the bottle of lube now resting in his palm.

“Your ass?” I nod.


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