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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 158

Chapter 159


 I stare at Easton, shocked he would say such horrible things.

He actually believes I couldn't kick Aisha's ass? That Sadie couldnt either? Please.

It would probably be an even fight between Aisha and I, but if we were ever to completely unleash Sadie on Aisha, I would worry for Aisha's entire future.

Sadie hates her that much.

"You think I'm immature?"

I squeak out, like that's the only word I can focus on.

He nods, his entire expression tight.

Even when he's pissed, he's still gorgeous, which is infuriating.

"You can't just go around beating people up and thinking that'll solve your problems."

"This from the guy who gets into physical fights all the time, even with one of his best friends.” I'm referring to the fights with Ryan.

With Blake.

With everyone, I swear.

"Look, babe.

Men are different."

He shrugs.

"We get in each other's faces and hash it out—and sometimes we hit each other, I can't lie.

But then we're over it and we're friends again.

Women are petty.

You hold grudges and always end up getting into stupid cat fights.

Even when you say you're not mad at each other anymore, deep down, you still are."

I absorb what he said, not bothering to deny it.

"You and Sadie always talk about kicking Aisha ass,"

he continues.

"It's stupid.

At least with guys, we get over it."

"You're being a misogynistic jerk right now."

My voice is shaky, and I'm so tempted to say something worse.

But I don't.

"Only speaking the truth."

His expression is smug.

"Just...let that shit go, babe.

Aisha isn't a threat to us.” "Yesterday you were furious at her and calling her all kinds of names.

And now she's not even a threat?” "I can forgive and forget."

"Really? After everything she's done? After all that she's put me through?"

My eyes sting with tears and I blink hard, forcing them away.

I refuse to cry right now.

This is not the time.

"Dont let her factor into our relationship,” Easton says, his voice easy breezy, like what he's saying is no big deal.

"She isn't worth all of this.

Don't you trust me?"

I don't even hesitate with my answer.

"Of course I do.’ "Then prove it.

When I say she doesn't matter, believe me.

When I say you shouldn't go after her, don't do it.

Listen to me.” He taps his chest.

"I know what's best for you.

For us."

What the hell? Is he for real? "You're being a total asshole.” "And you're being ridiculous.” Without thought I reach out and slap him across the face.

So hard, the sound cracks in the air when my fingers make contact with his cheek.

Oh shit.

My hand, my entire body is shaking.

I didn't know I could deliver that big of a wallop.

Easton's eyes are wide with shock as he slowly brings his hand to his cheek.

"You slapped me."

"You deserved it.” I am eerily calm.

Totally Zen.

Not that I would ever say it out loud, but it kind of felt good, to smack him like I did.

Months of pent up aggression inside of me coming out, I guess? Maybe I have a violent streak after all.

"What the hell, Harper?"

He removes his hand from his face, the red marks my fingers left on his skin obvious.


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