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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 167

Chapter 167


Ever since my breakdown with Easton the other night, I feel like a complete idiot.

It's not like he can help where he gets accepted.

He's brilliant and rich on top of that.

I just had this oh shit moment of what happens to us along with the panic of how far we've come and what happens if everything gets stripped away? I'm not in the best mood when I get to school the next day, despite Easton's encouraging texts all night long and me apologizing, it just feels off.

I still haven't heard from any school, and no matter how many times you refresh your email on your phone, it's not like the colleges go, oh cool, she's finally ready for us to email her.

Despite all that, I still refresh my email once I'm in the parking lot of the school.

My hands shake as I stare down at the screen.

I have new emails.

And one is from a college, I panic, then get excited, then panic again.

I probably wouldnt even notice if Aisha was breathing down my neck like a dirty little dragon whore.

I click open.

And nearly drop my phone.

I got into San Jose State.

Granted, it wasn't my first choice, but I'm at least going to be going to a college and not having to explain to people that I wanted a year off or that I wanted to go to a community school.

God, that would have been horrible.

I smile down at my phone again.

"Looking at porn?" a deep voice asks.

“Hilarious.” I turn and throw my arms around Easton.

"Whoa!" He hugs me back.

“What's this for? The naked dudes you were just looking at or—" "—Shut it!" I squeeze him tighter then whisper into his ear, "I got into San Jose State"

His body tenses, then relaxes as he squeezes my body and rocks me back and forth.

“I'm so fucking proud of you"

“Thank you.” I'm happy, I really am, except for the fact that he's not there and I've come to rely on him the way you rely on air so you can breathe— and not in a needy way—but a way that's necessary because you love it so much.

“Baby...” He pulls away only slightly, enough to press his mouth against mine and make me feel wanted and loved.

"This is epic"

"I know"

Tears fill my eyes.

"I was so worried.” “I wasn't," he says confidently.

I roll my eyes and start to move away, but he grabs my arm and pins me against his body.

"I wasnt," he repeats.

"Because you're the strongest and smartest girl I've ever known, of course, any college would want you? Hell, they should be crawling on their hands and knees, begging to admit you"

I cant help my smile as I answer back.

"Does that mean you'd be willing to get on your hands and knees?" He immediately moves away and drops to his knees.

"NO!" I laugh.

"Easton, get up!" He shrugs and puts down his hands.

Oh God.

People are starting to stare.

It's like a whole Dirty Dancing moment but the opposite where Jonny's on the ground and baby's watching him crawl.

"Easton!" I hiss his name again as phones come out around us.

Students are starting to snicker but in a funny way like they're catching the hottest guy on school legit crawling toward the invisible girl.

I dig it.

I really do.

He stops in front of me, then very slowly rises, his body sliding against mine until he’s facing me.

The friction alone from our clothes could send us to Hell because damn this guy.


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