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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 190

Chapter 190


lam truly having the time of my life.

Running all around Disneyland with my best friend, my brother and my boyfriend.

Riding all the rides.

Trying the Dole Whip, which is pineapple flavored frozen yogurt.

We stood in line for what felt like hours just for ice cream, but it was so delicious I told Sadie it was worth it.

It's worth it just getting to spend this time with the people I love the most.

Everything makes me giggle, and I blame the joint we shared.

I can't stop laughing or smiling.

All the rides are so much fun, even Splash Mountain, where I got totally drenched, more than anyone else.

Sadie thought that was hilarious.

Since it was one of the first rides we got on, and the late spring air is still warm, we dried up pretty fast.

late two churros and we shared popcorn, which we ended up throwing at each other.

As the night got later and the air got colder, we popped into a souvenir shop and Easton bought me a sweatshirt.

I'm wearing it now as we're in line for Space Mountain, and the promise in Easton's eyes is beyond obvious.

At least to me.

l remember his earlier threat.

How he said he was going to finger me on the ride, and while I think what he’s suggesting is pretty impossible, I can't help but wonder if he’s at least going to give it a try.

“This is going to have to be our last ride” Sadie says after she checks her phone for the time.

“After this, we'll need to head back to the meeting spot.” Pouting, I lean against Easton, who pulls me fully into his arms.

"Saving the best for last.” "This ride is gonna make me trip out, especially when I'm—"

Ryan presses his fist to his mouth and coughs the word, “high.” "How do you know?"

I ask him.

"You've never been on it.” "Because I made him watch a bunch of the rides on YouTube last week,"

Sadie answers for him.

“They're all on there, and when you watch, it's like you're actually on the ride.” “No way,’ I breathe, wishing I'd watched the Space Mountain one sol knew what I was in for.

"Talk about spoiling the surprise,” Easton mutters.

Sadie laughs.

"I was just trying to prepare him."

We move deeper into the building where the Space Mountain roller coaster is, the air getting cooler and making me grateful for the sweatshirt.

Oh and Easton, who can't seem to let me go.

At least he’s keeping me warm.

Making me feel safe.

We're finally loading up in the cars, me and Easton behind Sadie and Ryan, who are sitting at the very front of the ride.

The sly look Easton shoots me is wicked enough to make butterflies erupt in my stomach and I slowly shake my head at him when he rests his hand on top of my thigh.

“You keep your hands to yourself, mister, I warn him.

The look on his face turns into pure innocence, despite the wicked gleam in his eyes.

“You don't want me to finger you on the ride? While we're sailing through the intergalactic sky?"

"Bro, please.” Oops.

Guess Easton said that way too loudly.

"Sorry, Easton tells my brother, not sounding sorry at all.

He leans in close to me and whispers, "I'll finger you later.

On the bus.” “Easton.” I nudge his shoulder with mine, but I'm smiling.

Hopefully he'll make good on his promise.

ke “Let's share a blanket,” I suggest to Easton as I pull out one of the throws from home that I packed in my backpack.

“I'm beat,” he says loudly as I drape it over the both of us.


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