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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 194

Chapter 194


“Another beer?"

Blake says, walking into his room with the third six— pack of the afternoon.

He told us he needed help packing up to go to college, that he had a shit—ton of stuff, but I never expected this.

It's like he's moving his whole house.

"Fuck yes,’ I answer, holding out my hand.

“Without question,” Ryan says.

“Why in the hell didn't you hire a moving company?"

I ask, glancing around the room, seeing all the boxes we've done so far, knowing we have way more to go.

Blake sets the rest of the beers on his desk and starts putting another box together.

"Because I have two best friends who are more than capable of doing it.” He laughs and I want to knock his ass out.

We've been here for hours and we'll still be here for a few more.

“After this, I'm not sure you'll be able to call us friends anymore,’ Ryan says, wiping the sweat off his brow.

"This is hard ass work.” "Tell me about it” I add, lifting a box of books out of his room to bring it into the hallway, swearing it weighs at least a hundred pounds.

I stand in the doorway, taking an inventory of what's left.

“Why do you need all this shit anyway?"

"Because I need it,” Blake answers.

“Your bitching isn't going to speed this process up.” He walks over to the desk and hands me another beer.

“Drink that and stop crying.” I twist off the cap and guzzle it down.

“Thanks ... dick.” Ryan holds up a series of pictures from prom that were taken in the photobooth that was rented for the night and he points it toward Blake.

"Things done between you and the freshman?” He finishes with the wardrobe box and moves onto another one.

"Things never started between us.

She was just a date.” “Then why didn't you take Aisha if she wasn't anyone special?” I ask.

Blake shrugs, pausing the packing to take a drink.

“I know you guys don't like her and I didn't want to bring her around the group since all everyone would do is fight all night.” “Finally, a right decision.” He flips me off for my comment.

"I was looking out for you guys.” “And I appreciate it,’ I tell him.

“Harper would have lost her mind.

It was hard enough getting her to recover from the shit that was written on the limo.

You add in Aisha and that would've sent her straight over the fucking edge.” "Don't get me started on the whore incident, it makes my fucking blood boil” Ryan says, “Let's talk about something important, like if the freshman put out.” “Jesus,” I groan and drown myself in beer.

“Well, did she?"

Ryan follows up.

"She's a virgin, Blake replies. “That's certainly never stopped you before,” I add. Blake goes back to his closet, taking another armful of clothes to hang those in the new box.

"It did that night. She's the clingy type and I'm leaving for school. I didn't want to get all involved, and then worry she might show up on campus or something.” He shakes his head.

“I sure as hell don't need that.” “Or the freshman's father coming to hunt your ass down for taking his daughter's virginity after she's butt hurt that you peaced out to San Diego, Ryan says.

“That too,’ Blake agrees.

I feel a vibration in my pocket and take out my phone, seeing a text from Harper.


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