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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 27

Chapter 27


I have a serious problem.

And her name is mystery girl, Harper, off limits-take your pick. She’s an addiction I don’t want and I never asked for. Her tongue slips past her lower lip, tasting mine. I don’t know how to go slow when I’m with her and every time we break apart, I question my own sanity and then go back for seconds.

I’m supposed to be helping her find the jackass who messed up her locker, I’m not supposed to be kidnapping her, bringing her to my house and kissing her. I lost all self control once I had her in my Jeep

Maybe I just need to get her fully out of my system like a fucking cleanse or some shit. I haven’t fucked in two months. What Ryan doesn’t know won’t kill him, it’s not like little miss perfect would tell him anyways, she’d die before admitting to Ryan that we hooked up.

I can’t take it anymore.

The way she feels in my arms.

It’s so wrong.

I kiss her harder, angry at her for making me feel this way and angry at myself for lacking the will to stop my mouth from moving against hers.

She bunches my t-shirt in her hand and twists while I dig my hands into her hair pulling her tight against me, my dick strains against my jeans. I’m so hard I can’t think straight. She’s soft in all the right places. I want to explore and her still innocently kissing me like she has no clue I’m ready to throw her against the counter and fuck her senseless.

Ryan was right about me.

She should have listened to him.

She shouldn’t have gotten in my car with that knowledge and she sure as hell shouldn’t be kissing me back like she is-fuck I’m going to do it. Who cares if she’s a virgin, right?

Some sick part of me even acknowledges that I don’t want any other guy being the first even if it means I’m going to get her out of my system

I will be able to forget her.

And everything will magically go back to normal.

No more mystery girl.

No more fantasizing.


Maybe I’ll even fuck Aisha next week just because I can.

I smile against her mouth. It’s a good plan. The best plan I’ve had in years. I gently push her away from me and hop down from the counter then pull her into my arms, our mouths clang against one another as I try to breathe between kisses, between the pressure building between us and the tension that continues to grow like a bomb ready to go off in my kitchen.

Harper gasps as my mouth finds her neck-sucking and biting. I reach for her shirt and pull it over her head and I’m instantly rewarded with the most gorgeous tits I’ve ever seen in real life. I mentally take a picture as I flick off her bra and cup them in my hands. They spill over my fingertips, they’re so damn heavy I have to look, I have to pull away and see her creamy skin spilling past my fingertips. Her eyes are uncertain, they ask me if I like what I see, if I want more, and I want to walk away.


Because I don’t know why the hell I’m doing this with her.

And because I can’t stop.

“I’m going to fuck you.” There’s nothing romantic about how I say it or about my meaning.

She doesn’t flinch

“Harper.” I can’t tell if it’s a warning or a plea, only that I’m desperate and I might die before graduation if she doesn’t do something. Her fingers move to the button of my jeans, then my zipper, I nearly black out when her hand tugs down both my boxer briefs and jeans then reaches for my cock and gives it a tight squeeze. “Fuck.”


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