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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 30

Chapter 30


It’s like the Easton Twilight zone. He shoves me away, pulls me close, he kisses me with the same mouth that curses me. I don’t think he even knows what he wants, but it’s addicting and stupid the way he kisses like I’m forever when I’m not even a right now.

This time he doesn’t take my shirt off, he just shoves it up while his mouth devours mine, his lips and tongue moving at a pace that drives me insane, I can’t digest what’s even happening because it’s happening so fast.

It’s Easton’s house.

Easton’s bathroom.

My brother is in the next room over eating pizza like everything is normal and I’m sucking on Easton’s tongue while he bites down on my lip.

This is not a normal Monday.

This is not a normal day.

I want to shove him away because I know this means nothing to him, but I can’t help the way I feel. That way I’ve always felt.

Selfishly I want this maybe more than he does.

Even if tomorrow he goes back to ignoring me. So I say it, out loud, I don’t want to get hurt and he has the power to do exactly that. “This means nothing.”

He moans into my mouth. “Absolutely nothing.”

“It’s just sex.” I agree even though I know it’s not. Even though this will be my first time and everything is right and wrong and confusing and imperfect.

“One hundred percent.” He agrees, his mouth leaving mine briefly as he kisses my chin then roughly pulls my leggings down along with my underwear, I’m completely bare to him. I have no time to be embarrassed. Cold air hits my ass as he lifts me onto the counter tugging off my shoes, socks, and letting my leggings dangle from my right leg while he unbuttons his jeans.

1 help him.

Something is seriously wrong with us.

If someone told me to stop, I’d compare it to withholding your breath, with choosing not to breathe.

It’s impossible to survive.

His every touch feels like fresh air, I suck him in like an addict-he holds me close like an addiction

His jeans slide down his perfect ass annoying me to no end as he reaches into the drawer by the sink pulling out a condom.

This is happening.

“Easy access?” I taunt.

“Put them in here while you ordered the pizza.” He says kissing me harder.

“So,” I pull away. “This was planned?”

“No.” He admits, his eyes unfocused, crazy. Just hopeful. Do you really think I’m that insane to fuck you with your brother sitting on my couch.”

Yes.” I reach for him, biting down on his bottom lip. “I do.”

“That hurts so good.” He ducks his head into my hair, his lips on my neck, frozen there like he wants to memorize the moment when he’s already promised it means nothing to him. “No jokes about going fast.”

“No jokes about being a slut.”

But when I do it’s to see his fingers creeping up my thighs pulling them further apart as he tucks himself back in like he’s changed his mind, and shocks the hell out of me by licking his lips. “Sorry I think I prefer a small snack right now.”

“Fuck, Harper,” He feels me let go and pulls back gripping himself in his hand, pumping wildly while his other hand finishes me off. It’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever


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