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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 34

Chapter 34


Easton thinks he owns me, that every happy expression that crosses my face is due to him.

Screw that.

But the truth is, Easton’s message is what caused me to grin. I had just flipped to Blake’s text when Easton saw me, the timing just couldn’t have been more perfect.

I’ll never tell him that though.

As far as he’s concerned, Blake makes me smile too, and it needs to stay that way.

I continue down the hallway when Sadie stops me and says, “Whoa. I just saw Easton and he looks like he’s about to murder someone. Any idea what that’s about?”

I shrug. “He read a text that Blake sent me. Maybe it has something to do with that

-I mean, hopefully it does.”

“Blake and … you?” Her eyebrows lift so high, they look like they’re about to get lost in her hairline.

“It’s not what you think. He just asked me out for dinner.”

She laughs. “Really? And you think that clarifies my questions somehow?” She adjusts her bag. “Unless he’s feeling you, he’s not going to ask you out to dinner.”

I tuck a chunk of hair behind my ear, the smell of Easton’s shampoo from this morning’s shower still so present, something I’m not even close to getting used to. “I’m not interested. He’s the biggest player at school.”

“And Easton’s not?”


“And Ryan’s not?” I argue back.

“Okay, good point, the three of them are equal in the player department. But we both know I’m going to mold Ryan into the man I want him to be and you’re going to do the same with Easton. Or is it Blake? I feel lost-again.”

I wrap my arm around hers and start walking. “It’s Easton. It’s only ever been Easton.”

But I can’t deny that having Blake’s attention is an interesting feeling. One I’ve never had before. Probably because Sadie is the only person who’s ever cared about me. And now, suddenly, there’s two new numbers in my phone and both are texting me on the same day.

My mind is blown.

“Your turn,” I say, reminding her of the conversation from the library. “What’s up with you and Ryan?”

She stops at her locker, filling her bag with books. “Well, like I said, weve been talking more. Texting. Having convos at night before we go to bed. You know, stuff like that.”

“So, he’s not treating you like shit anymore?”

She shuts her locker and joins our arms together, heading for the parking lot. “Things are good.” She looks at me, biting her lip. “And, God, you know I’m positively crazy about him. That’s no secret.”

“I just don’t want him to hurt you, Sadie.”

Even though he’s my brother, his reputation is as harsh as his friends. When it comes to girls, they’re after one thing, and everyone in this school knows that.

But it doesn’t stop them, they get what they want.


“He won’t, I won’t let him. Promise.”

“Sadie, Harper-you might want to stop right here,” Blake says, approaching us as we’re nearing the student lot.

“Why?” Sadie asks.

He nods toward Sadie. “Someone wrote something on your car.” He then looks at me. “And Ryan’s.”

“Wrote something?” I inquire.

I don’t like the sound of this.

My stomach immediately begins to churn, my heart picking up speed as Blake keeps his eyes on me.

“What does it say?” I whisper.

He glances down, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallows. When he finally looks up again, he says, “Why don’t you let Ryan and Sadie deal with this, and we’ll go grab something to eat?”



My chest is so tight, I have almost no voice when I say, “Who would do this to me?”

“I don’t know,” Blake responds. “But, I promise you, we’re going to find out.”

I’m positive she can see the tears forming in my eyes. The ones I don’t want anyone to see because I don’t want them to know how badly this hurts.

She shakes her head, the emotion thick on her face. “Call me the second you get home, okay?

Inod, my feet moving on their own as Blake’s hand guides me to the row where he’s parked. I don’t feel the ground beneath me. All I feel are eyes on me, all I hear are whispers as everyone in the lot talks about me.

I can’t read his expression, I can’t even breathe.

But I’m thankful there’s glass between us, so when the tears do fall, as they are now, he can only see me wiping them away.

“Where do you want to go?” Blake asks from the driver’s seat. “Are you hungry? Thirsty? Feel like spending some time outside?”


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