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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 48

Chapter 48


“I think I’m going to be sick,” I say to Sadie the second she answers her phone.

“Why? What’s going on?”

I’m huddled on my bed, looking out my window to the backyard where the boys are all sitting around the table, smoking weed.

Everyone except for Easton.

After he told me to go back in my room, a few minutes later I heard his engine rev and I watched him drive away and he hasn’t returned. And now Blake is sitting next to Ryan, the seat Easton had been in.

But I’ve still been watching, waiting, hoping he comes back.

“Blake saw us,” I whisper, even though none of the boys can hear me.

“Saw who?

“Me and Easton, kissing in the doorway of my bedroom.”


“And Easton and Blake got into it and Blake asked me who I liked kissing more.”

“What did you say?”

I run my hand over my forehead, my pick so obvious to both of us. “Nothing, Easton saved me before I had to answer. Sadie, this is a total nightmare.”

“No, a nightmare will be if Blake tells Ryan. Do you think he’s going to?”

The thought has been haunting me and I don’t know what to do about it. I definitely can’t go downstairs and ask Blake, that’ll just be weird. And I don’t want to ask my

brother to come upstairs so we can talk, that will be even weirder.

When Ryan hears I’ve made out with both of his best friends, he’s going to kill me.

“Oh God,” I groan, rocking over my bed. “I hope not.”

“What’s happening now? Where are the boys?” I fill her in on the logistics of everyone, and then she asks, “How long has Easton been gone?”

1 glance at the screen of my phone to check the time. “About twenty minutes. Maybe a little more.”

“You need to call Easton and find out what happened once the boys went downstairs. Before you get into Ryan’s car tomorrow morning for school, you need to know what you’re walking into-whether he’s oblivious or pissed out of his mind.”

My heart is pounding so loud, I can hear it.

I can also hear the choice of words my brother is going to scream at me when the time finally comes. Blake or Easton-I don’t know which one he’ll be angrier about.

“You’re right,” I tell her. “I’m going to call him right now.”

“Call me back the second you hang up with him.”



I freeze, my stomach lurching at the thought that there might be more. I hold my breath and say softly, “What?”

“Who’s at your house?”

In case anything has changed in the last few minutes, I gently lift the curtain to take another peek outside. “Just the boys-Blake, Ryan, and the usual crew. Why?”

I could hear her smiling. “Just checking, you know, for stalker purposes.”

I’m having a mental breakdown and my best friend is concerned there might be a girl here, vying for Ryan’s attention.

I can’t even with her.

“I wish you could see how hard I’m rolling my eyes.” I make sure my voice shows how annoyed I am. “I’ll call you in a sec. Bye.”


I disconnect our call and find Easton in my Contacts, holding the phone to my face as it rings.

“Why am I not surprised to see Miss Desperate is calling,” a girl says into the phone. “How many times a day do you call Easton? A hundred?”

I check my screen to make sure I’ve called the right number. My stomach drops when I see that I have.

I know.

And now that my stomach has lowered as far as it will go, it starts to churn.

“Easton is”-she giggles so loudly,”tied up at the moment. Or, should I say, I’ve tied him up. But his mouth is far too busy to speak to you.”

And now … he’s licking her?

Tears fill my eyes

Why do I let him continuously hurt me?

I bend my knees and hold them against my chest, wrapping an arm around them. I bury my face and close my eyes, trying my best to breathe. “I hate him,” I cry. “I hate him more than anything in this world.”


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