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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 50

Chapter 50


I can’t believe I have to go to school like this. My eyes are puffy from crying all night, my hair a tangled mess from tossing and turning. I don’t have the energy to do more than tie it up in a messy bun or attempt to even put makeup on.

I just want this day to be over.

And I don’t want to run into Easton.

I don’t want to pass him in the hallway or see him at lunch or watch him get into his Jeep after school.

I don’t want him to even exist.

My heart aches even more than it did last night because the first thing I saw this morning while Ryan drove us to school was Aisha’s post.

As if her moaning wasn’t enough.

Now, I have to see his clothes on her bed. The same outfit he was wearing when he was on my bed, between my legs, his lips on that spot that was making me moan.

My stomach feels like it’s been punched. My chest so tight, a chainsaw couldn’t even break it.

And, to make me feel even worse, Ryan knows that Easton kissed me. Blake told him and he also told him that he wants to date me. I heard Ryan yelling all that into the phone last night, long after he kicked the guys out. He probably thought I was asleep, but I was far from it, and I tried figuring out who he was talking to and couldn’t. He ended the conversation with something I would do anything to unhear. Apparently, Easton told him he was just trying to comfort me because I was sad about the spray paint, that our kiss was nothing.

A charity case, that’s what I am to Easton.

A sad, pathetic girl, who can’t stop obsessing over being called a slut.

I hate him.

And I hate this school.

I wish this locker would just swallow me as I stand in front of it, staring at my books, unable to even think of which ones I need.

“I was hoping you were going to come in today,” Sadie says as she leans into the locker beside mine, making me jump, I’m so deep in my thoughts. “You didn’t return my text this morning, so I figured you had your mom call you in sick.”

I didn’t return Easton’s either when he sent one late last night.

He’s a lunatic for thinking I would even consider texting him back.

“I asked her to, but she wouldn’t,” I say.

I even told her I was feeling like death, and she told me to suck it up or she would come home early from their trip and take me to the doctor. I didn’t want her to do that.

“I’m glad you came. I can’t do school without you.” She puts her arm around my shoulders, waiting for me to close my locker, and walks me down the hallway. “Easton is an asshole, we know this, and now we’re going to find you Prince Charming.”

I glance at her. “Please. I need no such thing.”


She nods toward Blake as he rounds the corner, heading right for us. “Maybe that’s him right there.”

I laugh, even though it hurts my heart. “We both know he’s no prince.”

“But there’s something so hot about his long, thick, silky hair, and how he twists it on top of his head,”

“Stop,” I say, looking at my best friend. “This is the horny side of you talking.”

“I’m not going to deny being horny, but,”

“No buts,” I tell her as Blake approaches.

“Harper,” he says, standing in front of us. “I came to your room last night before your brother kicked us out. I wanted to talk to you, but you must have been sleeping and didn’t hear my knock

I was smart enough to lock my door.

And smart enough not to answer it.


The last thing I wanted was a conversation and questions and I was sure Blake wanted both.

“I was so tired,” I lie. “And that question you asked me when I was in the doorway of my room “I take a breath, remembering the moment. “I didn’t like it.”

And he wouldn’t have liked my answer. Easton would always be a better kisser than him.

“I’m sorry.” He tucks a few stray hairs behind my ear. “That was wrong, and I shouldn’t have said it.”

Blake laughs at Easton. “Have you gone to Ryan and admitted you have feelings for Harper? No, you haven’t.” Blake holds me even tighter. “You just run back to Aisha every chance you get, like you did last night.” Blake starts walking us in the opposite direction and says over his shoulder to Easton, “There’s no competition here, asshole. I’ve already won her.”

“That was intense,” Sadie says when we’re a few steps away.

Are you all right?” Blake asks as we turn down the next hallway.

Would Easton know that? Would he care?


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