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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 55

Chapter 55


She’s trembling in my arms, little nervous huffs of breath leaving her, and I’m trying my best to restrain myself. My fingers sink into her swollen flesh, back and forth. Tracing all of the delicate, damp skin, noting the catch in her breath when I touch her in a particular way, always careful. I don’t want to scare her or make her push me away.

Yeah, no. Can’t risk it because I’m definitely going to fuck her this afternoon. After that performance we put on in the parking lot, me confessing my feelings-and I don’t normally have fucking feelings, I’m ice cold-it’s all I can think about.

Me and Harper. Harper and me. Naked and tangled up together in the sheets. Kissing her everywhere. Filling her up.

Making her mine.

I continue to stroke her, keeping my exploration gentle. I’ve touched her like this before, but this feels different. More momentous. I can’t fuck this up.

I want to put my mouth on her. Hell, I should probably do that first. Tongue fuck her until she’s coming. Make her nice and loose for me so I can slip inside her easily.

Fuck, she’s a virgin. There might not be anything easy about this.

Pulling away, I stare up at her, noting the fear in her eyes. The flush on her cheeks. Her tentative smile.

Fuck, this girl. I wasn’t lying when I said she was beautiful earlier.

Harper is gorgeous.

Without warning I pull her into me, smiling at her yelp, moving quickly so I’ve got her pinned beneath me on the bed, my phone tumbling off with a thump onto the floor. My erect cock strains against the sweats I borrowed from Ryan-yeah, can’t think about him right now-and I thrust against her nice and slow, wanting her to know what she’s doing to me.

Clearly, she likes it because she grabs my hair and brings my mouth to hers. The kiss is wild. Sloppy. Tongues and teeth and gasps and moans. I feed on her hungrily, my hands wandering, touching her everywhere I can reach. She leans into my palm when I find her tit and toy with her nipple. I slip downward so I can suck and nip at it, pulling it into my mouth.

A moan leaves her and she shifts, restless beneath me. Her legs slide against mine and I roll away briefly, ridding myself of the sweats.

I turn to face the bed to find her watching me, her lower lip caught between her teeth, her damp hair a riotous mess. She doesn’t bother hiding herself, doesn’t act modest, though I can tell she’s still nervous.

Her gaze drops to my dick and her eyes go wide before they snap back up to mine and yeah. I can tell she’s real nervous now.

“Ummm…” Her voice drifts. “Remember I’ve never done this before.”


“And I just got on the pill.”


“Really?” I like the way this girl thinks.

She nods. “Plus I have condoms.” Her cheeks turn red.

We kiss until my mouth aches and still I don’t want to stop. All i can focus on is her. She’s smooth and soft and she spreads her thighs wide as we continue kissing, the little whimpers from her throat encouraging me. I run my mouth down her neck. Across her collarbone, her chest. Pay attention to her nipples once more, her fingers returning to my hair, holding me to her as I suck and nibble and lick. She likes that.


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