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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 57

Chapter 57


In huge ugly letters, the word whore is spray-painted in black, covering the entire garage door for the subdivision to see.

This is so much worse than my locker.

I cover my mouth with my hands as tears form. I stumble out, “Who would do this?”

“We asked the same thing.” Dad kicks at the grass in frustration and looks across the street. “For all his neighbor stalking, Mr. Mann had his Ring camera turned down so that the damn cat across the street would stop setting it off when it shits in his yard.”

“He hates that cat” I say lamely.

“Yup.” Dad nods then cranes his neck toward me. “Harper. is something going on? Really.” The way he looks at me kills a part of my soul. I’ve always been the good twin, the one who never got into trouble, the one people never suspected.

Now I had enough drama in the last few weeks to keep me occupied for life.

I’m also very aware that the look my mom keeps giving me means she’s so disappointed in me. I pray she hasn’t seen Easton’s Jeep. I mean, he parked further down the street but still… Hopefully, she hasn’t noticed Ryan’s not here, but his best friend is. Have they checked around the house? I didn’t hear the stairs creak, so I can only hope they just got home.

I feel sick to my stomach, this is so bad. So bad. And just when I think it can’t get worse, I hear Ryan’s truck start barreling down the street at exactly the same time Easton comes strolling out the front door.

What the heck is Easton doing?

I can only guess he saw Ryan’s car from upstairs and ran down, hoping to intercept him.

Easton completely freezes when he sees both parents still outside, his eyes widen even further when Ryan pulls up into the driveway. Ryan’s eyes are trained on Easton. As he

follows where Easton’s looking, a look of pure rage crosses his features.

My brain does the calculations as fast as it can.

Smart one, remember?

I’ll be grounded for life if Mom and Dad find out.

“Hey Easton!” I say loudly as Ryan hops out of his car, clearly ready to kick Easton’s ass. “See, I told you Ryan wouldn’t take long grabbing his assignment from Sadie.”

Easton slightly frowns while my parents watch us in curiosity. “Right. I was worried…so, very –Worried that she’d keep him all day. You never know how long…” He puts special emphasis on the word long. “-.these things can last, hours or –seconds.”

“Ha, ha.” Ryan slaps Easton on the back. Hard, then grabs him by the back of his neck and squeezes. “And leave my best friend alone with my sister? The one I trust most in this world? The guy who swore to be my right-hand man during the zombie apocalypse? Never.”


I’ve never seen Easton so pale and feel a little bad that my brother is being so ridiculous, then again, we‘re all screwed if my parents find out what went down last night.

After all, I may have been home losing my virginity, but something tells me that Ryan wasn’t at Sadie’s house watching a movie while sitting on a separate end of the couch eating popcorn.

“Yeah.” Easton manages to wrap an arm around Ryan, pulling him even closer. “You know me when I love someone, it goes beyond friendship…”

“Ryan,” Dad barks. “You know we don’t care if you have Easton over..”

“Yeah honey.” Mom smiles at Easton. He’s lucky his charm works on everyone. “We love Easton. You’re always welcome, sweetie.”

Ryan’s face turns a funny shade of red, like he’s almost embarrassed. Easton turns to release Ryan, and his eyebrows shoot up as if he’s seeing what I’m seeing.


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