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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 59

Chapter 59


The guys are pissed.

My body is sore.

My parents are clueless.

And all I want is to go downstairs and kiss Easton. I want him to tell me it’s going to be okay. I want him to tell me he misses me, that last night was everything he imagined it would be.

I notice that he’s put my sheets in the hamper already, putting my comforter over my bed as if nobody has even slept in it, but I know the truth.

We did a hell of a lot more than sleep last night.

My hamper looks guilty.

How does a hamper look guilty?

I walk over to the basket and lift the lid, my off-white sheets look normal except for a few red stains.



I should have thought ahead, but I’m glad Easton at least imagined a scenario where my dad came barreling into my room, took one look at the bed, and questioned me while shoving Easton off the roof.

My eyes squeeze shut, and I imagine his hands on me, just as my door bursts open. Not my dad, but just as bad.

Sadie stands there, hands on hips. “Tell me everything.”

I quickly turn around. “You saw everything. Apparently, I’m a whore.”

She waves me off. “The boys already have it half gone.”

| snort and move to my bed, she follows.

Sadie puts her hand on mine. “Let’s talk about the good stuff before we talk about the asshole we’re going to kill later.”

I smile at that. “Fine.”

“How was it?” Her smile is so wide I swear her face is going to break in half. When I don’t say anything, she gives me a light shove. “Come on, there’s no way in hell he took you back here to bake cookies!”

“We could have baked cookies.” I grab a piece of hair and wrap it around my finger.

“So, cookies make you blush like that?”

“Maybe it’s the chocolate?” I joke.

She shoves me harder. “Details, girl!”

I laugh and try not to feel too embarrassed that we’re sitting on the same bed he took my virginity on. “It was everything I imagined it would be and more.”

“Awww! So, he was….” She trails off like she’s embarrassed.

“Incredible,” I finish. “He was selfless, sexy, just, everything.” I sigh and try not to melt into a puddle at her feet. “I mean at first, you know.” I shrug. “… and then his focus was just on me, on us, I just wish…” I look toward the window. “I wish it wouldn’t have been ruined by Aisha.”

“Aisha?” she repeats. “What makes you think she’s the one who spray-painted that?”

I shrug. “She truly has it out for me, that’s why.”

Sadie’s quiet. “Well, it could be Blake too. Rumor has it he punched his own car yesterday after you guys left and went on a tirade.”

I frown. “Blake? No, he wouldn’t.”

“Trust me,” she says. “Everyone saw it, some got it on social media even, he was pissed.” Sadie looks uncomfortable for a minute. “Plus, Ryan and I may have stalked Aisha on social media last night and noticed in her stories that she’s out of town.”

A chill wracks my body. “Really?”

“Yup.” She nods. “She left right after school and took Julia with her.”


Sadie bites down on her lower lip. “We were definitely not playing Monopoly.”

Are you happy?” she asks honestly.

“I think anyone who saw you two the other day would agree. Maybe that’s why we need to not forget the look on Blake’s face, he truly thought he was in the running, you know? He was pursuing you.”

I frown, hating that we’re even having this discussion. “But to go that far? If he really likes me, you’d think he’d try to actually do things for me, not write whore on my garage.”

Weird.” She gets up and walks toward the door. “We have guys now.”

Agreed.” I look back at my bed and try not to blush.


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