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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 65

Chapter 64


From my classroom, I can hear Aisha’s voice in the hallway, the rotten snarkiness in her tone, the evil words she’s spewing. My teacher isn’t going to do anything to stop Aisha, she just continues lecturing, but I can’t ignore what I’m hearing because I know there’s only one person who can be taking those verbal punches.

My fucking girl.

I tell my teacher I’m going to the bathroom and haul ass into the hallway. I make it just in time to see Aisha yanking on Harper’s hair.

That fucking bitch. She’s pushed every goddamn button of mine … and I have no patience left.

I’m seeing red by the time I growl my second warning at her, “Did you fucking hear me, Aisha? Let her go right now.” When she stops tugging on her hair but doesn’t let Harper go, I tear Aisha’s hand away, freeing Harper, and pull her into my arms. “Are you all right?” I ask her.

It takes her a second to respond, “Yes.”

The hatred pulsing through my body makes my jaws tighten. “Don’t ever touch my girl again.”

“Your .* girl?” Aisha stammers.

“Yes. My fucking girl.”

“That’s what she is to you now? But what was the other night? When you were in my room, between my,”

“Harper and I are together now.” While I hold Harper against my chest, I glare at Aisha, disgusted by the innocent look on her face. “You need to accept that and stop all this bullshit.” My arm lowers, wrapping around Harper’s curvy waist. “If you have a problem, you take it up with me, not Harper. Do you understand me?”

“But Easton-”

“The only thing I want to hear from you is yes.”

I don’t wait for her to say it, since I know she’s not going to, and I turn Harper around and lead us in the opposite direction, holding her tightly to my side. “Do you want to get out of here?” I ask when we’re halfway down the hall.

“Here?” There’s emotion in her voice. “You mean school? But we still have a few periods to go.”

“I’ll get us excused.”


“You’re just going to have to trust me.”

She nods. “Okay.

When we reach the front office, I place her against the wall right outside the door. “I’ll be right back, don’t move.” I walk inside, stopping at the counter, waiting for Leigh, the office administrator, to finish with another student.

“Easton …” Leigh’s face heats up as she approaches. “What can I do for you?”

I smile, knowing how much she likes my grin. “A favor.” I reach into my wallet, pulling out a fifty that I slip under her fingers. “I need to be excused from school and so does Harper.”

She holds on a few seconds longer than she needs to, pulling away to put the money in her pocket. “You mean Ryan’s sister?”


Her brows raise and she glances at the notebook that sits next to the phone. “Looks like your mom called a few minutes ago ” She pauses, pretending to read her notes. “You have a doctor’s appointment.”

We’d hooked up only once, and then she felt guilty that I was a student and it never happened again.

But the once had paid off.

“And Harper’s mom?” | ask. “She happen to call, too?”

She winks. “I expect a phone call from her any second now.”


“We‘re not going to get in trouble?”

We walk to her locker, and she starts putting her books into her bag. “How do you do it?”

We’re now headed for the exit, and she looks at me as she heads through the doorway, my stare slowly lifting from her ass. “Make everything go the way you want it to.”

I set my hand on her upper thigh, noticing the change in her tone. Anything.”

“Don’t worry,” I tell her as we’re walking inside my house, “we’ll be alone for the next few hours.”

We’re going swimming?” she asks.


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