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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 73

Chapter 73


Easton is forgiven.

I know that apology wasn’t easy for him-he’s not the type to ever say I’m sorry-and neither was accepting the fact that he needs to communicate. But I’m pretty sure I got my point across and that was my hope.

My other hope is that he doesn’t kill Blake and I’m doing everything I can to make sure he doesn’t

Except the moment I come out of my fourth period class, I fail.

Blake is standing directly outside the door, waiting for me to join him. I can tell he wants to chat, that shouldn’t be that big of a deal. We are friends – aren’t we? Or we were before the chaos erupted. Maybe we can be friends again once things cool down and the

guys realize it wasn’t Blake who spray painted our garage.

But, at this very moment, Blake is fire.

And the best thing I can do is stay far, far away from him.

Except he’s making that impossible, moving beside me the moment I step into the hallway. I dart to the right, trying to avoid him, and he slides in the same direction. A simple shift to the left and it happens again.

“I’m a much better dancer when there’s music playing,” he jokes.

| smile, I can’t help it. He’s goofy, but sweet at the same time. “Hey, Blake.” I take a deep breath, thinking of what to say. “I have to run, I have to talk to my teacher about an assignment before class.”

“I’m headed in the same direction, I’ll walk you there.” He gently touches my shoulder, leaving his fingers there as we take our first steps. “I’ve been wanting to talk to you about your house and the spray paint. That’s why I came over that morning the second I heard the news, I wanted to make sure you were okay, but Ryan said you were at Easton’s.”

I recount the moment he’s talking about, knowing very well I was home, and Easton was with me, and Ryan shooed Blake away so Easton didn’t kill him.

“There’s so many rumors going around school about it,” he continues. “I want you to know I’m sorry. I hate that this is happening to you, you don’t deserve it.”

There’s sincerity in his voice, his eyes so soft and sympathetic.

I don’t understand why the guys think he’s the guilty one. Because he had some silly, so called evidence in his trunk that could have been used for anything?

The memory of Whore still stings as I reply. “It sucks, Blake. Someone is trying to hurt me, and I don’t understand why … but it’s working.”

“You can’t let it.” He squeezes my shoulder, making me realize his hand is still there. “You’re stronger than that.”

Iglance in his direction after weaving around a few students. “Thank you.”

He analyzes my face. “You look tired today, is Easton being a dick, and keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep?” He leans in and whispers, “I saw you guys fighting this morning.”

Even though Easton took us into the doorway of the classroom, trying to prevent us from having onlookers, I was worried we still did. I’m sure Aisha was somewhere in that crowd too. Wherever Easton is, she never seems to be too far away

“Everything’s fine,” I assure him.

“I just hope he has good intentions, you know? I don’t want him to treat you like he treats everyone else. You’re better than all those other girls he’s been with, you’re like a princess, not someone who should be lied to.”

Lied to?


An awful feeling thumps in my stomach.

“Do you know something I don’t, Blake?”

He runs his hand through his hair. “Man, I don’t know …” He glances down, like looking at me is almost too much. “I just see him talking to Aisha all the time.”

“All the time?”

He nods. “Is that something you’re okay with? I mean, I know if roles were reversed, I wouldn’t want my girl talking to her ex all day.”

Everything in my body starts hurting, tears threatening to rise into my eyes.

Aisha moves closer, her face inches from mine, where she whispers in my ear, “Don’t you love it when Easton gets all animalistic.” She licks her lips. “You should see him act that way when he’s naked. Mmm-mmm.”

“You’re such a bitch,” I spit at her, and then I pull Easton’s fingers, dragging him in the opposite direction. “Why the hell were you talking to her?” I ask when we’re far enough away. I can’t hold back the anger, everything about today is eating at me.

He stops walking and I can tell he feels the same way, his mouth tense, his tone growly when he says, “Why don’t you tell me what the fuck you were doing with Blake.”


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