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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 76

Chapter 76


“Hi,” Harper says so softly as she stands next to my locker, seconds after the final bell rings. “Are you all right?”

| upset her. I knew that the moment I pulled my arm away from her and walked away.

But I needed space.

I needed time.

I needed to think.

I cup the side of her face, waiting for her to pull away. She doesn’t. “Come home with me.”

I’m not asking

Her pussy can give me the only thing I need right now.

“I was planning on it,” she tells me.

My cock begins to harden as my hand goes to her ass and I walk her to the student lot.

I know Ryan wants to talk about what happened with Blake, he told me to wait for him after school. But I don’t give a fuck about that conversation right now.

I need Harper.

I get her into my Jeep and quickly drive to my house. Once we’re inside, she takes my hand and brings me over to the bar, grabbing a bottle from one of the shelves, and then takes me straight outside. She sets the bottle on the stairs of the hot tub and starts to strip, not waiting a fucking second.

Damn it, I’m into her.

I’m staring at her pussy when I say, “Someone likes to get wet in the tub …”

She steps out of her panties and drops her bra. “I like what you do to me when we’re in the tub.”

“Mmm.” Her naked body fills my vision and it’s fucking amazing. Tight. Curvy. Nipples that are begging to be bitten. “Baby, that was nothing compared to what I’m about to do to you.”

Tyank my clothes off and grab my phone from my pants, bringing it over to the tub where I take off the lid and check the temperature. I help Harper inside and place the phone on the steps before I get in.

She looks at my phone. “Do you plan on filming us?”

I laugh. “No, I’m expecting a call.”

“From who?”

I grab her face, pulling her against me, and I kiss her.


A warning for what I’m about to do to her body.

Her arms wrap around my shoulders, and I pull away just as she moans, “Easton-”

I cut her off from saying anything more, placing my finger on her lips. “No words. The only thing I want to hear from you are moans. Understood?”

She nods and I flip her around, placing her by the stairs, and I move in behind her, rubbing her pussy with my tip, getting her ready for me. “You’re so fucking wet,” I growl in her neck. “I can’t wait to feel your tightness around my cock.”

The wait is killing me.

And within a few seconds, I’m plunging inside her, giving her short, shallow pumps, teasing myself.

“Fuck yes,” I howl, biting her ear lobe. “This is the tightness I was talking about, you’re fucking pulsing around my dick.”

I move faster, burying my shaft, feeling the heaviness of the water as my balls slap against her ass.


I can feel the sound in her ear, and it vibrates over my teeth. “You want more?”


I rear my hips back and dive in, moving harder. Faster. Increasing my power with each stroke. I need to taste more of her, so I clamp my hand around her hair and pull it back, exposing her neck, devouring the side of her lips.

“Yes… you definitely want more.”

She’s keeping me plunged in, grinding over me and when I start to moan, she pumps her pussy along my shaft.

Yesss,” I hiss, the pleasure spreading through me. “Take it, baby.”

Once her pussy swallows every drop, I grip her face, pointing her lips to me. I say nothing, I just stare into her eyes. My cock slowly pulls out, my cum drips from her into the water, my finger finally leaves her ass.


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