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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 78

Chapter 78


I’m shit.

Like actual shit on shit, the worst shit, fuckkkkkkkk.

My palms are actually sweating as I grip the steering wheel and head over to Leigh’s house.

She didn’t just send me horrible text threats, she called seven times, which is the last thing you want when you’re trying to open up to your girlfriend basically saying, “hey no worries I’ve changed,” only to leave her and go to the guidance counselor slash admin you used to fuck and repeat history. Originally she said she needed a favor, code word for she wants the high school senior to bend her over against her office chair until she’s hoarse from screaming.

| snort, yeah, a favor, she said the same thing in her texts tonight, hey can you do me a favor?

Code yet again.

I know what Leigh wants.

I know she’s going to use any information she has on us.

And I want to actually run my Jeep into the next brick building I see.

I don’t want her anymore. Funny how the minute you have something good, the universe is like yeah just wait for it, I’ll fuck with you. You’re in love? Cool, let’s bring in some hate or competition, or even better, let’s make sure your entire life is over if you don’t do xyz.

I’m sick the entire drive to her house.

| almost turn around a dozen times, maybe if Harper questioned me I would have, instead my phone is silent, my car is like death as rain starts to pound against my windshield.

It takes me maybe fifteen minutes to get to her house, it’s in a nice subdivision five blocks over from Harper’s house. The white and black split level house stares me down as I park.

I suddenly hate doors that are white and have fall decorations.

I hate them.

I know what’s behind that door, maybe that’s why.

Or maybe I suddenly have a conscience, either way, I’m not happy to be here and in the past the only reason I even came here was to get good grades or because it was taboo.

Not feeling that way right now, no. I’m feeling cheap and disgusted and like a total liar.

I stare down the door and take a deep breath. It opens, because of course it does. Leigh is holding it open with a glass of wine in hand, she’s wearing a crop top that leaves nothing to the imagination and a pair of low slung black sweats.

Tused to think she was hot, the type of mom or cougar you fuck over and over again because you get bragging rights, but now? I notice the aggressiveness, the manipulation, and the exhaustion.

Slowly, I get out of my jeep and look behind me just in case, not that anyone was following me but I’m suddenly extremely paranoid for some reason as I walk toward Leigh.

She takes a sip of her wine, meanwhile I want to throw up.

“You came.” She holds her door open.

I swallow and shove my hands into my jeans. “Yeah well, I didn’t really have a choice.”


“How’s the girlfriend?” She winks.

Again, I want to vomit. “Good, thanks for asking.” I force a smile “Gonna invite me in?”

“Of course.” She opens the door wider.

She has candles lit around her small living room. The fire roars in the fireplace and two bottles of wine are set on the kitchen table with an empty glass I’m assuming is mine.


I walk numbly toward the kitchen counter and grab the wine, pouring it into my glass until

I’m sure it’s going to spill over, then take a long, hard sip. Fuck, I would murder someone for weed right now.

Fuck, I’d probably rob someone for it with the way she’s looking at me.

The sound of her front door closing feels like a gunshot to the head as I try to keep my cool.

“So .” She leans against the countertop and all I can focus on is her belly ring. I literally want to yell midlife crisis, instead I look away and drink more wine. “You wanna go into the bedroom or stay here?”

Images of me and Harper in the hot tub assault me to the point where it’s hard to breathe. I wasn’t just saying shit-I love her.

Iglare. “I kiss you and this all goes away?”

  • “Well …” I’ve clearly lost my mind as I peer around her and shrug. “Looks like your ass


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