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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 87


Walking onto campus the day after it comes out that your boyfriend has banged an administrator twice his age is nerve wracking.

Anxiety inducing.

It's just as bad as I thought it would be, but thankfully, not worse than yesterday.

That day had been the ultimate test.

Even though Easton explained everything and I believe him, what we believe doesn't always matter.

The rumors and the stares and the whispers behind hands make me crazy.

They're not as bad today.

I have Sadie by my side walking into the building, a defiant look on her face just daring anyone to say something.

I think she's fully prepared to fight to the death for me.

I couldn't have a better, more loyal friend I swear.

"They're still whispering,"

I say to Sadie, my voice low so only she can hear me.

We walk past a cluster of girls, all of them giggling when they see us.


"Ignore them,” Sadie says firmly, her gaze scanning the hallway, as if she's looking for someone.

Easy for her to say.

Of course the next person we have to see is Aisha.

God, that bitch.

If she so much as opens her mouth...

"Oh Harper, it's your lucky day,” she sing songs, looking pleased.

"A certain administrator who's been accused of fucking your boyfriend has been put on leave until the case is examined."

"You can't keep your mouth shut to save your life, you stupid bitch."

Sadie lunges for her and I grab hold of her arm, keeping her back.

Aisha smirks.

"So defensive.

Always running in to save your best friend.

Someday you're going to get in trouble, Sadie.

Or someone's going to steal your man right out from under you.

If he even is your man.” She sneers, her gaze alighting on me.

"What are your thoughts on your best friend, the brother fucker?"

"Let me do some damage,"

Sadie pleads with me, struggling to get out of my grip.


"She's not worth you getting in trouble,” I say.

And that's exactly why she keeps talking all this shit to me and Sadie.

She knows we won't do anything.

"Listen to your little friend.

I can make your life a whole lot worse."

Promise fills her tone and she walks away.

The moment she's out of sight I let go of Sadie, who practically growls in frustration.

"I can’t stand her.

God, I wish you'd let me tear her eyes out.

Getting suspended would be worth it to make that bitch scream.” "So bloodthirsty.” I shake my head, though I can't deny it would be wonderful to witness Sadie tearing the hair straight out of Aisha's head.

"I totally agree, She sucks.

But we can't let her get to us."

We can't let anyone get to us.


I turn at the sound of the familiar male voice, relief flooding me when I watch Easton and Ryan approach us.

"Why didn’t you guys wait for us outside?"

Easton approaches, his gaze eating me up as he sweeps me into his arms and holds me close.

I press my face against his chest and close my eyes trying to calm my racing heart, breathing deep his delicious, masculine scent.

"You told us to wait for you?"

"Ryan was supposed to tell Sadie,” Easton says, his tone vaguely accusatory.


My bad,” my brother says.

I glance over at him and Sadie to see his arm slung around her shoulders, all of Sadie's earlier anger dissipating now that they boys are here.

Easton's right.

We totally should've waited for them to show up so we could all walk in together.

My brother stayed the night at Easton's house—and so did Blake.

I guess they worked it all out? I don't know.

Easton was vague via text since he was still with them and he promised to explain everything later.

I'm going to keep him to his promise.

"Did you hear? Mrs.


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