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You’re Mine by Penny Brooks novel Chapter 89


Easton keeps thrusting his hips against me, his denim covered erection hitting me in the perfect spot every single time, making me see stars.

We moved so fast, we never took the time to just kiss and rub our bodies against each other.

It feels good.



His parents aren't home from work yet, but they could show up at any minute.

The waning sun shining through his window casts its glow across the bed and when he breaks the kiss, the sun gilds his features in gold as he stares down at me.

"You're fucking beautiful,"

he whispers.

I reach for him, streaking my fingers across his cheek.

"So are you."

He turns his head, kissing my palm before he reaches for the hem of my shirt.

“Let's take this off."

Easton helps me remove my shirt.

I take off my bra.

The moment my breasts are free he’s got his hands all over them, cupping them together as he rains kisses all over my flesh, his tongue swiping across my nipples before he draws one deep into his mouth and sucks it.

I arch beneath him, wanting more, forgetting all about keeping our clothes on.

I want him inside of me.


But he draws the moment out.

He teases me with his fingers as they slide across my belly, dipping beneath my jeans.

He toys with the waistband of my panties, slipping his fingers beneath the thin fabric, blocked by my tight jeans to get any further.

"We need to take these off,"

he mutters as he removes his hand and undoes the snap, then slowly pulls the zipper down.

"You need to get undressed too,” I insist and he rolls off the bed, shucking his jeans and his shirt while I strip my jeans off as well.

He stands by the edge of the bed in his black boxer briefs.

His hard cock stretches the fabric out, and I stare at him for a moment before I cover my mouth.

Trying to stop the giggling.

But he heard me.

And the dark expression on his face tells me he’s...

Mad? "Are you laughing at me?"

Okay, maybe not.

I see the sparkle in his gaze.


I say, choking on the laughter I deny.


he growls.

Just before he pounces, jumping on the bed—on top of me—and making me squeal.

Making me laugh as he tickles my sides, his hands everywhere, his chuckles making my heart light.

He rarely laughs and he sounds so happy.

I'm begging him to stop, trying to push him away...

Until he slips his fingers in front of my panties, his fingers traveling down, down, slowly parting me.

Finding me oh so wet.


he moans as he strokes me between my thighs, his hand working beneath my white panties, stretching the fabric out.

I'm so wet, the sound of his fingers slicking through me fills the air and I close my eyes.

Lift my hips.

Bite back a moan when he sinks his finger deep inside of me.

"I need to be inside your tight pussy,"

he whispers, removing his hand from my body and making me whimper.

I crack open my eyes to watch him quickly remove his boxer briefs, my gaze zeroing in on his thick cock.

He catches me watching and with a smirk, begins stroking himself.

Squeezing the tip so hard a glistening pearl of precum dribbles down the side.

Everything inside of me goes liquid at watching him pleasure himself.

My mouth is dry, my chest heaving and he knows...

“You want this?"

His voice is rough as he grabs the base of his cock.

I nod, unable to speak.


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