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Caught in Love With My Previous CEO novel Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Samuel Will Give Tina Away

When it was dark, Samuel came out of the office, followed by Tina. The circle of secretaries beside looked focused, showing more or less sympathy.

After getting into the car, Samuel closed his eyes to refresh himself. Suddenly, he said in a low voice, "The personnel department said that you transferred the employment contract two days ago, right?"

Tina was nervous, but she looked calm. "I forgot the exact time of my entry. I want to see when I can meet the conditions for changing my residence registration."

Samuel opened his eyes and stared at her side face with a faint smile. "I thought you looked down upon Langford Group and were ready to quit."

"I'm flattered by your favorable remark. It is my luck to be your secretary."

Tina held her breath and spoke flattery steadily, but her brain was foggy.

Samuel didn't go on, but her heart kept beating at a high frequency.

In fact, Tina was going to resign and leave. Without reason, Samuel was hard to serve recently. The more quickly Tina quit, the more quickly she would get opportunities.

Tina dreamed of being Samuel's wife five years ago. But she had already quit this idea.

"Mr. Langford, here we are."

Tina's mind was in chaos. The car had stopped in front of Imperial Hotel.

The hotel manager led his subordinates to wait outside in advance and bowed unctuously to greet Samuel.

Tina cleared her mind, followed Samuel, and went all the way up to the top floor. Through the huge French window, one could see the night view of the river.

Once the elevator door was opened, the pungent perfume could be smelled.

A 40-year-old man with blond hair and blue eyes, with his shirt collar still open, came up to embrace Samuel.

Samuel never saved anyone's face. He dodged with a slight side.

Just then, Louis threw himself at Tina next to Samuel.

Louis was surprised and happy. He caught Tina's hand and said, "Samuel, the lady beside you is really beautiful."

As soon as Louis finished speaking, his hand touched up along Tina's arm.

Tina clenched her teeth, endured nausea in her heart, and did not retreat.

Behind Tina, Samuel just frowned slightly, and then ignored Louis's act. He left Tina and went inside.

When Louis saw this, his action became bolder, and he directly took Tina into his arms.

Tina smiled and waited for an opportunity to break away, but there was no chance.

She looked at Samuel several times, but he looked calm, occasionally loosening respect and degrading honor to listen to flattering words from the accompanying senior executives.

When everyone sat down, Louis took Tina in his arms and sat opposite Samuel. Louis said tentatively, "Samuel, how much money can I get this lady?"

The atmosphere was a little strange. The senior executives at the table looked at Samuel's expression for fear of offending him.

Tina clutched the handle of the chair and her back tightened unconsciously.


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