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Caught in Love With My Previous CEO novel Chapter 3

Chapter 3 You Gave Me Away

"Don't be afraid, baby. I have always been gentle with beauties like you."

Louis noticed Tina's resistance, and the hand placed on her waist was more powerful, dragging her all the way.

There was a high degree of privacy near the lounge. A waiter saw them pass by and directly closed the door to leave.

As soon as the door of the suite was opened, Tina was pushed to the door by Louis, and then there was a disgusting smell of men approaching.

Tina turned her face sideways. Louis kissed her on the cheek, then went down all the way.

Louis's strength was too strong. Besides, Louis was an old hand. He easily clamped Tina's hands, and then he planned to probe into her clothes.

"Honey, you are so charming."

Tina clenched her teeth and struggled desperately, but her whole body was still touched.

"Stop... This is the lounge..."

"Don't worry. No one will disturb us."

Louis chuckled, warning and flirting between his words, and his disgusting tongue flitted around her neck.

Tina looked up and avoided Louis's kiss. Her tears could not help falling.

Tina thought, "Samuel, damn it. You just threw me out."


Tina's pupils dilated. She felt Louis's cold hand reaching behind her. He easily opened the button of her bra.

"Honey, let me love and cherish you..."

Tina thought, "No way! Absolutely not!"

Tina screamed. She was bold to bite Louis on the shoulder!

Louis couldn't believe it. He quickly released Tina and stepped back. He cursed in succession.

"What the hell!"

Louis reacted, covering his shoulder and going to kick Tina.

Tina sat down on the ground but did not dodge, and suddenly raised her head.

"Sylvia Langford..."

Louis stopped, narrowed his eyes, squatted down, clasped Tina's neck, and pulled her in front of him.


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