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Caught in Love With My Previous CEO novel Chapter 49

Chapter 49 You don't even let me watch you take a bath

Tina avoided Samuel's gaze and said softly, "Thanks ......"

The words were scarcely spoken. The man snorted.

Tina gritted her teeth. She felt like her face had been slapped hard by others. It was a huge blow to her ego.

Outside the car, the manager of the hotel flattered Samuel shamelessly.

In contrast, this made Tina feel even more uncomfortable.

Samuel humiliated her with a snort and then got out of the car. With his tall figure blocking the light cast into the car, Tina was completely hidden in the darkness.

When the manager saw Caitlyn get out of the car, he immediately greeted her warmly, and asked the vice president to follow her. They directly ignored Tina.

The car door was closed and Tina sat in the car as if she were a statue. She could neither leave nor stay there.

The next second, the car door near her was opened.

Dale bent down and looked into the car, "Tina, get out of the car."

Tina's fits were clenched. She looked at Dale awkwardly and said, "Can you take me to the other hotel?"

Dale froze for a moment. Then he said reluctantly, "This hotel is very good. Mr. Langford must have booked a room for you. You can take a rest there."

His eyes unconsciously glanced at Tina's back. Only then did Tina remember that her back was wet. At the time she thought it was ice water. But now it was sticky and cold, it was obviously a drink.

She thought, "Go to the room first to take a rest. If Samuel's words were still harsh, she would leave."

She was a little relieved. She smiled at Dale and got out of the car.

It warmed her heart as she took the young man's arm and stepped out of the car.

The night breeze blew and she felt a chill on her back.

As soon as she looked up, she caught a few of Samuel's glances not far away. Tina immediately shivered.

Samuel looked up in the direction of her and Dale. Then he turned around with an indifferent look.

Tina did not understand what he meant. She had to follow Dale inside in frustration.

The manager arranged the best presidential suite for Samuel, glanced at Caitlyn and said with another meaning, "There is everything in the suite. I wish you two a wonderful night."

Caitlyn was a little shy. She bowed her head slightly, following Samuel in a docile manner.

With a cold expression, Samuel walked straight into the room. Caitlyn also followed him into the room.

"Tina, your room is in front of this room." Dale acted as if he didn't see anything and continued to treat Tina politely.

Tina was grateful to him and said with a reluctant smile, "Thank you."


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