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Caught in Love With My Previous CEO novel Chapter 50

Chapter 50 He Had A Appointment in the Middle of the Night 

Tina didn't expect Samuel to walk straight into the room. Even if they used to have close body-contacts, she was so angry that she wanted to scold him. Her entire body shrank into the bathtub, but that didn't help at all. 

"Mr. Langford! I'm not your secretary now!" 

Samuel leaned against the door, and his eyes lazily skimmed over the woman's face. From where he was, he could only see her panicked face and fair-skinned shoulders. 

He raised his hand, twirling a salve around his fingertips, "You're not my secretary. But you want to order my secretary to serve you?" 

Tina was speechless, the simmering anger was suppressed by herself. Then she said in a bad tone, "Dale was just being kind and helping me, I didn't order him." 

"Who do you think you are, a princess that can meet kind people everywhere?" 

Samuel gave her a sardonic look. He suddenly straightened up and stepped inside the bathroom. 

Tina was shocked. Her body tensed up and she couldn't help but shout, "What are you doing?!" 

He approached her boldly, not leaving her with any dignity at all. 

Samuel ignored her movements and approached her dominantly. He reached the edge of the bathtub before standing still. 

Tina's face was already red. She was so angry with him that her body was as red as the color of a boiled shrimp. The scream that came out of her mouth was stuck in her throat. She could only clutch herself helplessly and look angrily at Samuel. 

The man looked her body all over. His expression relaxed slightly. Then he leaned down and came close to her. 

Tina roared with wide eyes, "Samuel!" 

She had just finished yelling when the man grabbed her foot. 


That hurt. 

Samuel grabbed her foot with one hand and put the other hand into the water to feel the temperature. Then he immediately snorted. 

Tina was in so much pain that she could only grit her teeth and force herself to endure it. 

"You sprained your ankle and you're still in hot water. A fool like you has taken care of me for five years. Did you use someone else's brain in that five years?" He was talking in cold. His tone was mean and forceful. He looked at the shivering woman in the bathtub with the stony eyes. 

Tina gritted her teeth and clenched her fists. She had an awful ache. And the anger inside her heart immediately exploded out. 

She swung her fist in a smooth motion, flinging the water at Samuel. 

"None of your business!" 

The man looked surprised. Then he raised his eyebrows contemptuously and looked at Tina with surprise. It was as if he had suddenly found a pink toy in a dark room. 

He leaned down again. Then he put his arms into the bathtub and lifted Tina out. 

Tina was naked. Because she was suddenly in his arms, her mind was filled with all sorts of emotions. And she couldn't even think of anything else for a moment. 

It was only when Samuel carried her out and roughly threw her on the bed that she came back to her sense. Then she quickly took the quilt next to her and wrapped herself up tightly. 


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