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Caught in Love With My Previous CEO novel Chapter 67

Chapter 67 You're Really Unmoved and Unaffected

Tina thought to herself, "Please don't do it, Walter. Either accepting or declining your ring is enough to drive me insane."

Without responding, she raised her head to look at the time. "I don't have anything important to do. Shall we leave now?"

Walter noticed her continuously rubbing her foot and felt a little worried. "Is your foot hurt?"

Tina didn't want to stay in the hospital any longer, so she forced herself to stand up. "It's just a minor injury and not too painful. I can walk perfectly fine."

Raising an eyebrow, Walter suggested, "How about going for a late-night snack?"

Tina hesitated for a moment. She thought staying in the hospital would be better than this.

She adjusted her hair and smiled, nodding. "Sure."

"What do you want to eat?"

Walter helped her carry things and attentively followed her along. He was completely different from the playboy she had met the first time.

Tina responded, keeping her distance, "Let's just go out for noodles. There is no longer any need to look for a place."


Walter didn't have the snobbish behavior of a rich kid. Eating street food was expected when he was younger because his father had not become wealthy.

They left the hospital and sat down in a nearby street stall.

Tina observed Walter. His expression remained unchanged, and he handled the disposable chopsticks naturally.

If it were Samuel, he would probably feel highly cautious, disinfecting everything around him. Compared to Samuel, Walter was actually quite good.

Thinking to herself, Tina noticed that Walter had already started placing their order. He ordered two bowls of noodles and specifically requested no spice.

"I came to this kind of place a lot when I was young. But once my father became rich, my friends thought this kind of place was beneath them, so I stopped bringing them to street stalls."

As Walter talked, he handed Tina a pair of chopsticks.

Raising her eyebrows, Tina asked, "You know your friends are just after your money?"

Walter scoffed, "I'm not stupid. How could I not see that they're only interested in my wealth?"

Tina gave him a thumbs up. "You're perceptive."

Walter grinned, adopting an easygoing attitude as he continued chatting.

Finally, the strange atmosphere between them dissipated. They quickly finished their noodles, enjoying the meal even more than the one they had at Red House Restaurant that evening.

After finishing their noodles, Walter offered to take Tina home. However, she hesitated.

"My house isn't tidy. I'll stay at a hotel tonight and return home tomorrow after the cleaning lady cleans up my house," Tina lied.

Walter exclaimed, "You don't look that rich to me. You don't even clean your own house?"


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