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Caught in Love With My Previous CEO novel Chapter 82

Chapter 82 She Will Get Back at Him

Samuel was a step ahead of Tina. He took the glass, tilted his head back, and gulped it down.

He placed the empty glass on the table and looked at Tina who looked surprised.

"Three glasses done. You can leave now."

Tina had been waiting for him to tell her to leave for so long. When she heard it, she was genuinely relieved.

She put her hand on her stomach, struggled to get off the high stool, and looked at Samuel.

"Mr. Langford, you should keep your word."

Samuel lowered his head to mix another drink and just ignored her words. He casually poured different types of alcohol into a glass and brought it to his lips.

Tina reminded him, "You are still having a fever. You had better not drink now."

Just in case anything happened to him, she had to take responsibility.

Samuel raised his head and said impatiently, "Get out."

Tina gritted her teeth, quickly turned around, and walked out.

Behind her, Jonathan clicked his tongue.

"That is heartless."

Tina paid no attention, gently closed the door of the private room, and leaned against it. She was feeling exhausted.

One door away, she could finally hide her embarrassment from Samuel.

It was almost dawn, she bent over and tried to ease the effects of alcohol. Then she began to walk downstairs step by step.

At midnight, there were few taxis on the road. She stood on the roadside for a while before finally managing to hail one. When she got in, the cold temperature in the car made her shiver.

She decided to go back to Alice's place to avoid running into those people around Louis.

Upon arriving at the villa area, the driver stopped the car.

Tina was a bit dazed and instinctively tried to open the car door.

"Miss, you'd better not get out right now. There seem to be some ruffians ahead," the driver warned her.

Hearing these, Tina became sober and looked in the direction the driver pointed.

There were several men near Alice's house, all of whom Tina had never seen before.

She couldn't be certain if they were Louis' men, and she didn't dare to risk her safety.

"Could you please turn back?"

The driver didn't ask any further questions and simply turned around. He was talking about safety issues all the way.

When the car returned to the entrance of Golden Club, Tina stumbled out of the car, and her ankle began to throb again.

Alice wasn't there, but the receptionist recognized Tina. So getting an access card wouldn't be a problem.


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