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Caught in Love With My Previous CEO novel Chapter 87

Chapter 87 Tina Taking Advantage of Samuel's Power

Butler Lincoln arranged a car to take Tina to the company, along with two bodyguards.

When Tina was working as a secretary, she never received this kind of treatment. But now, after being demoted, she somehow upgraded, and she felt uncomfortable all over.

She had worked at Langford Group for five years and she had never hesitated to walk through the company doors.

Suddenly having two bodyguards by her side, with someone opening the door when she got out of the car, made her hesitate.

"Miss Lynd, please," the bodyguard said dutifully.

Tina straightened her posture and walked in with a determined expression. Her high heels made each step appear graceful, and she seemed proud but not the least bit nervous.

"hello, Miss Lynd."

A string of greetings, which made her feel familiar.

Tina nodded in acknowledgement, but her grip tightened around the insulated food containers.

She worried about meeting Samuel. What if that guy embarrassed her in front of everyone?

"Miss Lynd, give me the things. They're heavy," the bodyguard suddenly spoke up.

Tina smiled and naturally handed him the food containers. Just then, the elevator arrived.

It was the CEO's exclusive elevator, and when the doors opened, it was unexpectedly Caitlyn.


Tina pursed her lips and simply nodded, leading the two bodyguards into the elevator.

Many people noticed this encounter of the previous and current secretaries. One was timid, and the other was aloof, and the difference between them was evident.

The current secretary, Caitlyn, felt a bit awkward and wasn't in a hurry to leave the elevator. She turned to the side, giving up her spot for Tina and smiling sweetly.

As the elevator doors closed, her smile remained, but her eyes lost their warmth.

"Tina, it's working hours now."

Tina stood straight, facing her own reflection in the elevator door. Her tone was calm as she spoke, "During working hours, shouldn't you be by Mr. Langford's side? Why are you coming downstairs? I remember the office has an appointed secretary in charge."

Caitlyn tightened her grip suddenly, her voice wavering, "Mr. Langford went out for a meeting."

Tina felt a surge of joy. If he's not here, that's great!

Maintaining a cold expression, she spoke in a senior manner, "You've been here for almost half a month. Can't you accompany Mr. Langford when he goes out?"

Caitlyn's pupils contracted, feeling a sharp pain.

Dale had accompanied Samuel on his recent business trips. There were several occasions when she wanted to go with them, but Samuel initially said she needed to learn more, and in the previous instances, he seemed impatient and even asked her if she was really a professional.

She was already feeling aggrieved, and now Tina bluntly brought it up.

"Mr. Langford told me to continue learning. There's a lot for a girl to learn when going out on business." Caitlyn forced a smile, turning her head to look at Tina.

Tina didn't glance at Caitlyn, instead looking at the nearby floors, and said leisurely, "Time is money. You can learn slowly. It's also within his rights to replace you."

She found it funny. This girl seemed not innocent, but in some aspects, she was very naive, and her words sounded silly.


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