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Caught in Love With My Previous CEO novel Chapter 88

Chapter 88 Asking Them Whether They Recognize Tina or Caitlyn

There was a commotion outside. Tina listened carefully and immediately recognized whose voice it was.

It was Sylvia!

Tina quickly stood up, but before she could reach the door, the office door was pushed open.

Damn, she should have locked the door earlier.

"Why is it you?"

Sylvia stood by the door. She took a step back and then confidently walked towards Tina, with her chin raised.

Tina saw the documents in her hand and sneered, "Ms. Langford, are you up to the same tricks again?"

It was the same two years ago when Sylvia took advantage of Samuel's absence and barged into the CEO's office to grab the company seal, all for the sake of a 20 million contract. No one dared to stop her at the time, except for Tina who stubbornly confronted her.

"What a coincidence." Sylvia threw the documents on the coffee table and sat down mockingly, staring at Tina. "But this time, things are different. You're no longer the chief secretary, so what qualifications do you have to stop me?"

Hearing her words, Tina instinctively glanced towards the door and happened to see Caitlyn.

"Without me, there are others. The position of chief secretary is not vacant."

"Good." Sylvia spread her hands and glanced at the back, "Ms. Jones, bring me the company seal. This document has been approved by the board of directors."

Caitlyn breathed a sigh of relief and walked into the office, saying, "Since it has been approved, Mr. Langford should also agree to sign it."

Tina was speechless. She trusted Caitlyn's words so easily, why couldn't she at least look at the document?

"Caitlyn." Molly whispered to Caitlyn when she saw Tina remaining silent, "Why don't you take a look at the documents from the board meeting?"

"What are you implying?" Sylvia's face turned cold as she glanced at Molly. "Do you doubt my words?"

Molly's face stiffened, and she took a step back, looking at Caitlyn with hope, trusting that she would be more cautious.

Feeling a little embarrassed, Caitlyn looked at Sylvia's expression, and spoke carefully, "Can we take a look at the documents?"

Sylvia sneered and took out her phone, displaying two photos and throwing them on the desk.

"Take a look for yourself."

Caitlyn walked over to take a glance, confirming that they were indeed the documents signed by the board of directors, and she sighed with relief.

"Okay, I'll give you the company seal."

Tina furrowed her eyebrows and glanced at the phone screen without clearly seeing it, but it immediately turned off the screen.

She looked up and happened to meet Molly's nervous gaze. Molly shook her head subtly, indicating something obvious.


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