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Caught in Love With My Previous CEO novel Chapter 90

Chapter 90 You're Just His Previous Toy

Samuel was amused and leaned back to look at Tina. "A lifetime is long. Don't brag."

"I can't guarantee anything else, except for this." Tina picked up a plate of shrimp and poured the shrimp onto Samuel's plate. "Peel them yourself."

Then she pulled back her chair and stomped out on her high heels as if she was taking the floor as Samuel's head.

Samuel turned sideways and stared at her back.

Tina suddenly turned around. "Mr. Langford, would you break your promise because you couldn't sleep with me?"

Samuel looked away and put a shrimp in his mouth. "Perhaps you will use that promise to beg me to sleep with you in the future."

Tina thought, "Dream on you!"

She turned around and blew a raspberry. Then she opened the door and walked out.

Molly and other colleagues stood up with smiling faces as they saw Tina.

"Tina, are you leaving now?"

Tina nodded and glanced around but didn't see Caitlyn.

"She went to the bathroom to cry," Molly whispered, "Although she's young, she's too stupid. She almost caused trouble, but fortunately, you're here."

Tina said, "We used to be young and naive. She started at a high position, so it isn't easy for her to move forward."

"That's not something you can decide, you little car seller," a hoarse voice rang out, filled with resentment.

Tina turned around and saw Caitlyn standing not far away, with water on her face. She had just come out of the restroom.

Tina adjusted her bag strap and shrugged, "If you focus less on men, maybe in five years, you'll be as competent as me."

Molly and other colleagues burst into laughter and looked at Caitlyn with disdain.

Tina didn't want to argue with a little girl and got into the elevator.

But Caitlyn actually followed in and forced Tina to walk in. The others stared at Caitlyn with astonishment.

Tina was also surprised, leaning against the elevator wall and ignoring her.

"I thought you were kind, but I didn't expect you to be as dirty as those people," Caitlyn said as the elevator door closed.

Tina answered, "I thought you were innocent, but I didn't expect you to be a black-hearted villain."

Caitlyn glared at her and took a deep breath.

"You used to be Mr. Langford's lover, didn't you?" She closed in on Tina.


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