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Heartstrings on Fire novel Chapter 123

Brayden seemed like he was comforting Jared, but he was enjoying the whole drama.

Jared turned his head and said, "When I first came in, I saw a girl wearing bunny ears and selling liquor. If I'm not mistaken, that was Kylie."

Brayden’s expression instantly changed, "If you saw her earlier, why are you telling me now!"

He stood up, grabbed his coat, and muttered angrily as he left, "That dumb woman, I'm going to teach her a lesson! I'll make her regret ever showing up here!"

Shawn chuckled and said, "What a hypocrite. He says he doesn't like her, but his actions say otherwise. I bet they've already slept together."

Mr. K worriedly asked, "Jared, does Mamie know you're married? If she did, why would she propose in public?"

Shawn added, "If Mamie knew you were married, she'd definitely go after your wife. If she's asking for a divorce, maybe you should just agree. It's not like she cares about you."

Jared shot him a cold glance, "Buzz off!"

Shawn felt wronged. Why was Jared venting his frustrations on him?

Ivan said from the side, "Both of you, go home. I'll talk to him."

Shawn felt the tense atmosphere and decided not to stick around.


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