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Heartstrings on Fire novel Chapter 124

Jared's mind went back to the proposal scene.

When Mamie kissed him, Jared froze briefly, then gently pushed her away, saying, "I'm sorry, Mamie, I'm already married."

However, the atmosphere at the time was too intense, with cheers erupting all around, and the band in the banquet hall even played the wedding march on purpose.

The enthusiastic cheers almost swallowed up his voice.

Then, people started to congratulate him left and right.

Hence, the media jumped to conclusions based on just a few pictures, reporting freely.

Jared wasn't a part of the entertainment industry, so he didn't care about these rumors, and most of the news was squashed by Ivan.

Mamie has yet to clarify the situation. She's a well-known actress in the country, and this incident undoubtedly affected her image. Jared could understand that.

Jared said to Ivan, "You better talk some sense into Mamie. The media at the lake must have been her doing. I told her I was married long ago, but she stubbornly set up a proposal, betting that I wouldn't have the heart to hurt her. I certainly don't want to hurt her, but I don't want to hurt Agnes even more."

Inside Bartley Mansion, a long-haired beauty was lounging on the sofa.

The light from the chandelier hit her beautiful face, casting a faint halo over her.

However, the beauty was furrowing her brows.

Ivan set a tape recorder in front of her. From the recorder, Jared's voice came out clear as day, "I certainly don't want to hurt her, but I don't want to hurt Agnes even more."


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