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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 101

Chapter 101 

Victor nodded in response. “That’s for sure. As long as he doesn’t have any influence or power, there’s absolutely nothing for us to fear!” 

Jada concurred. “Yeah. I heard that he was just released from prison a couple of days ago for smashing a beer bottle over Easton’s head. Easton eventually made use of connections to have him sent to prison!” 

“Hehe,” Victor chuckled after hearing what Jada said. “If he could be sent to prison, then it’s clear that he doesn’t have any connections at all. Only the weak suffer the brunt of the law, so we can now be sure that Severin is just an ordinary person!” 

He had been worried that Severin might turn out to be a powerful person simply because the latter was staying in the villa. Once he found out the exact situation surrounding Severin, however, he realized that there was absolutely nothing to fear, judging from how easily the Loughs were able to deal with him. 

However, Jada thought of something and could not help but remind Victor, “Dad, there is one thing I need to point out though. Severin’s wife is the Shanahans‘ daughter, Diane. Five years ago, she gave birth to a child out of wedlock and was kicked out of her home as a result. I’m worried that we might offend the Shanahans if we’re too harsh on Severin.” 

“But…” When Prunella heard that, her heart skipped a beat and she feared that it would hinder her chances of avenging her son. 

Victor kept quiet for a moment before giving his take on the situation. “We probably don’t need to worry much, if at all. Diane was kicked out by her family and she hasn’t returned home for more than five years. This means that the Shanahans have long disowned her. We don’t need to be afraid of offending the Shanahans. Secondly, our family has progressed very well in the past two years, and we even got in touch with a manager in charge of the Liberty City project. He promised to reserve a quota for us, and this will soon propel us to becoming a second–tier family. On the other hand, the Shanahans have regressed, and there is nothing for us to fear!” 

He paused briefly before adding, “Besides, I heard that Edward Horsfield still has a crush on Diane, and even boasted that he’s willing to give her family a million and a half as long as she agrees to marry him. Anyone care to guess what’ll happen if Severin became a cripple?” 

Jada’s eyes lit up instantly when she heard that. “If that happens, the Shanahans might even be grateful to us rather than blame us! And Edward will also be grateful to us for helping him achieve his goal. When the time comes, we can gain favor with the Horsfields too!” 


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