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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 105


Chapter 105 

“Are you sleepwalking? It’s already afternoon! Don’t you think it’s about time you woke up from your dreamland ?” Severin sneered when he heard the other party’s vicious remark. Everyone in front of him was mere child’s play. 

“Sharp tongue, kid. Today’s the day you’ll find out that we’re not that easy to mess with!” Victor smiled coldly and glared at Severin. 

Severin turned around and said to Judith and Maurice, “Mom, Dad! Bring Selene in. I don’t want her to see the bloodbath that will happen once we start throwing hands here.” After saying that, he turned to Diane again. “Honey, if you’re afraid, you should go in and lock the door!” 

“I’m not. And there’s no point in locking the door.” Diane was well aware of reality. “They’ll come for us anyway if you get beaten down!” 

“Let’s go in, Selene!” Judith led Selene into the house along with Maurice. 

“Ah, it hurts, it hurts! I think my bone is broken!” The bodyguard who had been struck by the stone earlier was still squatting on the ground. As he wailed and writhed in pain, his veins popped out of his forehead and he broke out in cold sweat. 

“Is he really that strong?” 

Hulk looked at the bodyguard, took a step forward, and clenched his fist while taunting, “Let’s spar, kiddo. I want you to show me what you’ve got!” 

Severin reciprocated with a cold smile. “Are you sure? I’m curious to see how strong you are too!” 

“Hmph!” Hulk snorted arrogantly. He clenched his fist, took a step forward, then gave Severin one punch. His movement was lightning–fast, and his attack was swift and fierce. He kept his guard up even as he attacked, and his punch carried with it a gust of wind. 


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