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Life After Prison by Silencieux (PDF) novel Chapter 107

Chapter 107 

“How…how dare you hit me!” Jada was completely stunned when Larry slapped her in the face. and she could feel her head ringing from the aftermath. 

She had never been slapped since young and her parents spoiled her rotten, but she the three slaps in just two days, one by Severin the previous night, then by Maurice just several minutes ago, and finally by Larry. If there was ever a title of ‘Professional Slap–Receiver‘, she would probably be the first to get it. 

“And? What are you going to do about it?” Larry’s expression soured. He looked at Jada and said, To think that you had the gall to call someone like Mister Severin a b*stard. Where’s that pea brain of yours? Mister Severin is like an elder brother to me, and his wife is like my sister–in–law. You’ve got it coming for you if you conspired to do something so insidious to my sister–in–law.” 

The slap was a strong one that drew blood from the corner of Jada’s mouth. She took a few steps back with an aggrieved expression and no longer dared to utter a single word as she faced Larry in all his fierceness. It was common knowledge that Larry and Blade were cruel individuals who killed people without blinking an eye. 

“Victor, I…what about avenging my son!” Prunella was still oblivious to the situation and her mind was still filled with thoughts of revenge. 

Larry glanced at Prunella and smiled coldly. “You should be glad that your son is still alive. If I was there yesterday, your son would’ve become a corpse instead of a eunuch!” 

Prunella took two steps back in fright and felt as if her soul had left her body. 

Victor turned pale too and said to Larry, “But that sounds absurd, sir. What do you mean Severin is like 

your ‘elder brother‘ when he just got out of prison? The two of you don’t go way back, right?” 

Larry smiled coldly. “Hehe, why should you bother over such trivial details? Don’t you think you’ve stepped out of line by asking so many questions?” 

didn’t expect you to have connections with such powerful people. We’ll let you off this time in consideration of that! Don’t be too arrogant though. If you keep this up, you’ll land yourself in hot water sooner or later!” After venting out his anger, Victor ordered his men, “Let’s go!” 


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